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Over the last few decades our awareness of moving back to natural ingredients and organic living has increased tenfold.  We all know the importance of selecting fresh ingredients, taking care to ensure that our products aren’t tested on animals and staying clear of nasty chemicals.  However, sometimes products that tick all the right boxes from the natural front, are slightly lacking on the luxe front.  I’m a sucker for gorgeous packaging but I’m starting to really go for more natural products- like the oil I use instead of drugstore moisturizer now. Beauty comes from within, right? Treat your body well and you’ll be glowing.

Sun Potion Ashitaba Supplement

A few years ago the world went mad for Matcha green tea.  This was a powdered tea which was packed full of antioxidants and made an excellent replacement to your morning coffee.  Matcha gave you an alkaline caffeine fix which was far better to the body than the acidic kind you get from coffee and black tea.  Well, move over Matcha because there is a new tea in town.  Brand wise Ashitaba is like the Armand de Brignac of the tea world.  Beautifully packaged with a Japanese chic, you will love bringing this out when you have guests over.  However it is the ashitaba health benefits which are incredible, these include more potent antioxidants than matcha, a neuro growth factor, it rebuilds DNA and is packed with chalcones and vitamin B12.

When it comes to our skin we need to be more aware of the contents included, which is why it is a great idea to go for natural and organic products.  However there are very few truly organic products on the market.  We searched the globe and found the incredible La Creme Beaute products.  These stunning creams are made by a former British model who realized there were no 100% organic products on the market and those that were nearly there, didn’t have that luxury feel to them.  Le Creme Beaute now offer a huge range of beautiful products including Bee Venom from organic bees!

Votary Cleansing Oil

If you prefer oils to creams then the beautifully packaged range from Votary will tick all your boxes.  Unlike many natural oils the ones developed by Votary are light enough to use under your makeup.  We think the lavender pillow spray and the super seed oil are fantastic.  The packaging will look stunning in any luxury bathroom and would make a stunning present.

Herbivore Botanicals Brighten Pineapple & Gemstone Wet Mask

The brilliant guys and girls at Herbivore Botanicals have produced a must have face mask for anyone wanting to give their face a stunning natural glow without worrying about chemical or processed ingredients. The brand is absolutely flawless with a really delicate minimal feel and stunning typography.

The more we use natural and organic products the higher the demand will become, this will mean that our designer favorites will be forced to start producing ranges like this.  So maybe it won’t be long before Chanel cosmetics go au natural and give you the gentle products you need for your body!

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