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Europe is a wonderful continent that boasts a plethora of different countries and cultures. However, Italy is a unique and beautiful country that offers diversity like no other. So if you’re going to pick just one place for your next trip, this is a fantastic option.

Whether backpacking on your own, with friends or as a couple doesn’t matter. Italy’s good transport links can allow you to see the best of what it has to offer without the need for a pre-booked package. Better still, we’ve put together a 7-stop itinerary that’s perfect for an extended month break. Or if your stay is a little shorter cut some out on the way.

San Angelo Bridge and Saint Peters basilica

Rome (And The Vatican)

No trip to Italy is complete without visiting the capital. Not only is it one of the most beautiful places on Italian soil, but it’s also one of the most historic places on earth. Getting lost among the monuments, galleries, and other cultural elements is easily done. When the weather is nice, you simply wouldn’t want to be anywhere else on earth.

Whether you’re religious or not, heading to the Vatican is another essential element. It’s the smallest state on earth and is one of the most iconic venues too. Being so close to the Sistine Chapel without seeing Michelangelo’s masterpiece would be a missed opportunity.

Piazza Cordusio


Heading north to one of the fashion capitals of the world, Milan is another popular destination for visitors. As well as the plethora of great shops and cafes, the city boasts one of Italy’s great sporting rivalries between Inter and AC. Even if you’re not a sports fan, a tour of the San Siro stadium will blow your mind. Moreover, it saves you the need for visiting Turin, which has nothing to offer aside from Juventus and Torino.

It’s probably not a place to spend any longer than three or four days. Nonetheless, it’s well worth adding to the itinerary. Of course, if you’re planning to do huge amounts of shopping, you may want to reverse this cycle so that this step comes last. Another good thing about this idea is the accessible international flights.



Travel is all about gaining new experiences, and Venice is a unique destination that carries a charm like no other place on earth. Therefore, heading east to the Veneto region is well advised. The small islands, linked by canals and bridges, provide something different to anywhere else you’ve ever been. Meanwhile, taking a gondola ride is one of those bucket list items that we’ve all visioned at least once in our lives.

Venice also boasts plenty of art and culture while the luxurious hotels create the perfect vibe for romantic couples. In addition to those wonderful experiences, you’ll be sure to get some incredible photos to remember those moments too. What more could you ever ask for?


A lot of travelers would choose Bologna as their next stop off. However, Modena would be our choice for stop number four, and the main reason for this is food and drink. Every perfect vacation should offer the chance to delight your tastebuds. A balsamic vinegar tour is the perfect way to do just that in style. Moreover, you can even buy some items to bring the taste of Italy back home.

Modena has plenty more to offer its visitors too. The Ferrari museum can be coupled with a driving experience day. Given the beauty of the surrounding areas, as well as the sheer adrenaline of driving a supercar, it’s another moment that you’ll never forget.

Republic of San Marino

Rimini (And San Marino)

The opportunity to tick another country off of the bucket list is one that every traveler should take. When traveling through northern Italy, a day trip to the microstate of San Marino is the ideal option. However, the tiny nation only covers 60 km2, so a few hours in Serravalle should suffice. Therefore, doubling it up with Rimini is advised.

Rimini itself isn’t a massive place either. But a few days on the beach is the perfect way to break up your trip, especially if you are away for a long time. Meanwhile, it does have a few notable bars for nightlife too. Essentially, though, using this as a pit-stop and a chance to see another country is the ideal solution.

Bari, Italy


The seven-hour train ride to Bari may feel daunting, but the scenic route is truly incredible. Just remember to take snacks on board with you, and it will soon fly by. Once you arrive in Bari, you’ll be able to embrace biking tours, beaches, and museums galore. It’s additionally home to a number of noteworthy architecture too.

There are plenty of other things to do, whether it’s visiting planetariums or eating at wonderful restaurants. If you have a few days to kill, you could additionally take the ferry across the Adriatic Sea into Albania too. However, that one is an optional extra.

Naples, Italy


Naples is an industrial town that often gets a bad reputation. In truth, though, it’s a great place to visit en route back to Rome. Moreover, it gives you a chance to take a day trip to historical Pompeii too. Even if you don’t take that trip, Naples is a location bursting with cultural importance.

Whether it’s sport, music, or the arts, you’ll never be bored. However, the one attraction that nobody should miss is underground Naples. The labyrinth of tunnels and cavities creates a city underneath the ground. It’s a unique experience that no visitor ever forgets, which is why it’s a guaranteed addition for the itinerary.

After finishing Naples, you can head back up to Rome to finish your trip with a few more days in the capital before heading home. Alternatively, carry on north to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa before heading back to Rome. Either way, that Italian adventure will give you a chance to see some of the best that the whole of Europe has to offer. Enjoy.

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Whether you’re thinking of visiting Florence soon, or you’d just like to learn more about this incredible city, you’ve come to the right place! Here we have 11 fun facts about Florence, so you can decide if this is somewhere you’d like to visit for yourself. Take a look at them and see what you could discover if you planned a visit. Enjoy!

Photograph of the Duomo in Florence

Nearly A Third Of The World’s Art Treasures Are Located In Florence

If you’re interested in art, Florence is the place to be. It’s not only a piece of art in itself according to UNESCO, it also has a third of the world’s art treasures here. The Uffizi Gallery, for instance, has the largest collection of Renaissance art. There are so many more art museums in Florence it would take longer than a month to visit them all! If you’re there for the art, try to make sure you book an extended trip! You can enjoy beautiful sites, as well as art in the many museums and galleries here. Don’t forget your camera.

Florence Was The First City In Europe With Paved Streets

It was in 1339 when Florence became the first city in the whole of Europe to have paved streets. Maybe this means all roads lead to Florence!

The People Of Florence Are Called Florentines

You should call the people of Florence ‘Florentines’, or ‘Fiorentino’ if you’re practicing your Italian. Florentines actually have their own unique dialect. This dialect is the parent dialects for modern Italian!

Pinnochio Is From Florence

You must know of Pinocchio, even if you’ve only ever heard of the Disney film. Pinnochio is actually a Florentine! The original book was published between 1881 and 1883 by a Florentine named Carlo Lorenzini. This pretty much makes Pinocchio a Florentine too.

Florence Nightingale Is A Florentine

Florence Nightingale is named after the place she was born. She was born in Florence on May 12th 1820. A famous nurse who helped nurse soldiers from the Crimean war back to health, she was the founder of modern nursing, making people see that clean hospitals and trained nurses helped people to get better. She died in 1910 after electricity, cars, and planes were invented.

The Emblem Of Florence Is A Red Lily

This flower is derived from the Florentine iris; a white flower that can be commonly found in the local area. See if you can find one on your travels!

Florence Is Traditionally Divided Into Four

Florence is traditionally quartered and named after the most important churches in the area. The Santa Maria Novella, San Giovanni and the quarter of Santa Croce are on the right hand bank of the Arno river. The only quarter south of the river is the Santo Spirito church. That’s a funny way to quarter a city, but it works for them! If you wanted to see these for yourself and learn more, there are lots of Florence tours you could look into booking.

The Piano Was Invented In Florence

The piano actually came to be in Florence. The instrument was invented by Bartolomeo Cristofor. It was originally known as the Piano Forte, and evolved from the harpsichord around 1700-1720. If you play the piano or anything similar, you may have Florence to thank.

Tuscan Bread Is Made Without Salt

The story behind this is very interesting. The bread has been this way since the 12th century, due to a historical rivalry with Pisa. Pisa blocked shipments of salt to Florence to force them to surrender, but Florence just decided to make their bread without any salt. They still do to this day! The bread is still lovely though, so don’t be afraid to eat it!The

Food Is Almost As Important As Their Art

The Florentines consider food to be almost as important as the art in the city. Here you can sample the best wine, cheese, and steak you’ve ever had. Just beware that the steak is almost rare! Locals are very passionate about food, so you can guarantee to strike up a conversation or get into their good books by bringing it up. Bear in mind that Florence is in Italy, so pizza, pasta, seafood, and ice cream all make delicious choices too.

Florence Used To Be The Capital Of Italy

Florence was actually named the capital of Italy back in 1865. It was named so thanks to it’s incredible art and architecture, as well as it being the birthplace of the Italian renaissance. However, it later switched due to the symbolism of Rome as the head of the Roman empire. The ancient city was also more central than Florence. After just six years, in 1871, the government officially moved to Rome. Although only brief, Florence’s time as the capital had some benefits. The population grew tenfold, and the city continued to grow well into the 20th century. If it wasn’t for this brief stint, who knows where Florence would be now?

There are so many more amazing things to learn and see, so make sure you plan a visit soon. You can learn just about anything there is to learn by taking a tour with a reputable guide, or even by buying a guidebook and going on your own walking tour. Many of the things you can see here are beautiful and free, so don’t worry about spending a fortune.

Have you traveled to Florence in the past? Leave your own thoughts and tips below!

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One of the best things about going traveling is getting to relax on stunning beaches. After all, as well as getting to soak up the sun, you get to enjoy the beautiful views of the sand and sea. And if you opt to visit one of the most stunning beaches in the world, you will also get to experience the crystal blue waters and soft sand. Also, beaches are a lot more useful than just for sunbathing! You can do a wealth of fun water-sports like diving and surfing which are memorable on your travels. And I think we all have a list of beaches that are must-do at least once during our lifetime.

Three Pom Pom Tote

Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia

Australia is known for its beautiful beaches. In fact, thousands of travelers head there every year to enjoy the stunning beaches in the country. There are some in particular though that have everyone flocking year after year. The most famous one is Bondi Beach which is situated in the capital of the country, Sydney. The beach is one of the most stunning on our list with plenty of gorgeous sand and blue waters. It’s also brimming with life all year round. You can expect activities a plenty to be happening on the beach. They have events like kite flying and surfing competitions during the summer months. And if water sports are what you are after, you will love the opportunity to surf on the beach. In fact, you will find locals who will be willing to show you how to catch some waves. And you can also hire a jet ski if you fancy getting your adrenaline pumping. If you want to enjoy a coastal walk, you can do this as well at Bondi Beach. And then you can spend the evenings at the beach where you can find plenty of food and drink places. Also, beach parties are common and last until sunrise! Remember if you want to get some space to sunbathe, you have to go early as the beach is so popular. For somewhere less touristy, you could always go to Turquoise Bay. It’s stunning with its turquoise waters and pure white sand. And you can even get closer to marine life by snorkeling at the Ningaloo Reef!

Kailua Beach Park in Oahu, Hawaii

If you think of a country with the best beaches, it’s likely that Hawaii will spring to mind. After all, thousands of people go there every year to enjoy the stunning beaches on offer. As well as the amazing hula parties and delicious food! However, one beach in particular which often gets people talking and is on my bucket list is the stunning Kailua Beach Park in Oahu. The beautiful beach boasts three miles of glorious sand and crystal-clear water. Therefore, thousands flock there to enjoy some sunbathing while on their travels. And not only is it good for topping up your tan, but it has plenty of water sports too. For example, there is a volleyball court, and people willing to teach you how to windsurf. And there are even picnic areas so you can have a break from your sunbed to enjoy some grub when it’s time for lunch. Or you could even head to one of the eateries. Former President Obama can often be spotted in the Island Snow one which is close by to the beach! And you could even consider camping on the stunning beach at night. After all, you can then get a great spot in the morning! And there are plenty of fun things to do in Oahu. Therefore, if you want a break from the beach, there is a lot more you can do in the surrounding area!

Rabbit Beach in Lampedusa, Italy

When it comes to Italy, there are many reasons why people visit there every year. The amazing landmarks such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Colosseum are definitely a draw. Also, the delicious food also gets people’s mouth watering. After all, we all love a pizza or a pasta dish. In fact, Italian is one of the world’s favorite cuisines. But it’s also the beaches which are a draw for many people. A lot of people go to places like Sicily and Sorrento for beach holidays every year. One place you might not have heard of but is a beach which you should add to the bucket list is Rabbit Beach in Sicily. The stunning beach has been even voted the best beach in the world by various surveys. For one thing, people visit for the stunning features of the beach. Not only has it got clear water and white sand, but it’s surrounded by gorgeous hillsides. The small beach is also a favorite with marine life fans. After all, you might spot a sea turtle laying an egg which will be unforgettable! And you can enjoy a spot of sunbathing if you manage to grab a spot early at the beach.

Pink Sands Beach in Harbour Island, Bahamas

The Caribbean is definitely one place a traveler would go if they were looking for fabulous beach. In fact, it’s often named to have the best beaches in the world at its many islands. In fact, thousands of travelers head to the islands like Dominican Republic, Cuba, and the Bahamas to make the most of the gorgeous beaches. Therefore, it can make it a challenge to add just the one to the list of fantastic beaches. But one beach which is unique is the Pink Sands Beach in the Harbour Islands. With the stunning pink backdrop, it’s no surprise that it’s often used for photographs and in films! The pink color comes from the crushed coral which creates a dramatic effect. Not only will you want to take photos at the beach, but you will want to relax on the stunning sand. And it’s also an ideal place to snorkel as it boasts shallow waters!

Just remember to always check the weather before visiting any of the above. After all, it will definitely rain on your experience if the weather is bad!


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When it comes to your own life, you may some day experience the need for a change of decor, whether it is the town that lacks facilities or the climate that doesn’t suit you anymore. The reasons for wanting a change of air are numerous, but most look at the same principles: The disadvantages of the place you live in weigh more in the scale than its advantages. After all, everyone needs a fresh start from time to time. The type of places you could choose to move in will depend on your tastes and your reasons for moving. There are however three types of individuals: Those who have had too much pressure and need a place to breathe freely, those who crave a busy and lively socialite existence, and finally those who want to leave everything behind.

Vintage Mid Century Greetings from Catskill Mountains

A Peaceful Retreat To Relax

If you are looking for a quiet place that is isolated without being cut off from the rest of the country, and that still benefits from all the everyday facilities you need, you might want to have a look at the Catskills mountains. For the past years, the place has seen numerous celebrities moving in to enjoy a peaceful and incognito existence, such as David Bowie who bought with his wife a house in 2012 and Daniel Craig who picked a stone house in 2008. What is it that attracts them? The stunning landscapes for a start – the area is known for its Forest Presence with a rich wildlife – are not only a delight for the eyes, but they naturally soothe everyday stress into a bubble of beautiful natural scenery. This is the ideal unpretentious location where you might find yourself enjoying an organic meal next to your favorite actor, before walking down to the Hudson River. If this is the kind of peace you are after, you might want to have a look at windham ny real estate to find the best option for your needs.

London Photography

A Dynamic Center For Social Butterflies

If you are looking for a dynamic center of activities that offers tons of entertainment and activities, then you need to check large and busy towns where the nightlife is just as attractive as the daytime business. Places like New York, London, and even Sidney jump to mind, as they provide the ideal marriage of fun, culture and facilities. If you are up for an exciting change, you might want to check your options for London as this places you at the outskirt of Europe and in the middle of a historically rich culture. If this sounds too scary, New York is an exciting option too.

Italy Photography

New Horizons For Those Who Want To Cut Contact

Sometimes you need more than a new place, you need a fresh new start in life, far from all the things that drove you away. Your best bet is to pick a place that is culturally rich, generous, intelligent and sunny too if you like a good sunbath! Spain and Italy sound like perfect options if you want to keep known western values in your new life. A new language, new people and new landscapes, this is all you need to start again!


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When it comes to Europe, every country is worth visiting at some point. It’s a continent of beauty, and Italy is one of the most stunning pearls on this continental necklace of countries. To be honest, you probably don’t even need reasons to visit Italy. You most likely already think it seems like a wonderful holiday location; looks aren’t everything, but Italy is a stunner. There’s no doubt about it.

Image source

Rush to see places which might one day be lost wonders of the world.

Venice is the heart of Italy. It’s a place well worth visiting not only because it’s the capital of this splendid country, but because it might not be visitable for much longer. Ironically, the thing which makes Venice so appealing is also the thing which threatens its future. The beautiful canals are truly a sight to behold, but this great capital is slowly sinking and is subject to floods on occasion. It’s worth catching the mighty Titanic of Italy before it vanishes.

Of course, don’t rush over too quickly. If you want the best trip of your life, you want to be prepared and packed for it. Given safety measures which have developed for travellers, with respect to recent events in the world, you might want to check whether visa requirements apply to citizens from your country on www.etias.com. These boring things could ruin a holiday if they catch you out at the last second, so you’d be better getting all that nonsense out of the way before you set off to enjoy your Italian adventure.

Do something a little unique.

Italy is an incredible place that can be experienced in so many ways. Whilst you’re away from home on this adventure, there are so many unique activities in which you could be involved. You could take a beautiful helicopter ride over Rome, for example, because that’s an experience like no other. Sure, you can see it all from the ground, but why experience Italy like everyone else? You’re in an incredible place, so the best way to enjoy that is to do something incredible. Seeing mighty monuments from ancient times is even more awe-inspiring from a great height.

Beautiful beaches on beautiful islands.

Italy is a rather individual country when it comes to its shape and small islands off the coast. You don’t just have to visit Venice and Rome. I mean, you should so you can see the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the grand remnants of the Colosseum, but you might find a slice of heaven off the coast of mainland Italy. Small tourist destinations such as Sicily are host to some stunning beaches.

If you’re dreaming of clear-blue seas and picturesque, surreal beaches as well an ancient history in the form of awe-inspiring buildings from a bygone era, Italy has lots of hidden havens off its coastline. There’s much more to Italy than pizza and pasta, although I’d be lying if I said those weren’t great advantages.


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