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Summer might be over but that doesn’t mean yours has to be. The sun is always shining somewhere in the world. And if you’re such a beauty and fashion addict that you’ve not had your fill of summery styles just yet then it looks like it might be time for you to jet off to somewhere in the world where the sun is still shining. Of course, before you head off anywhere, you need to plan out your “beach look”.

Nailing beauty and fashion is something anybody can do. It doesn’t matter what shape or size you are; fashion is all about accentuating your positive features, and you need to have the confidence you do that. If you’ve no idea where to begin with packing an entire summer wardrobe for your personal break then here are some tips to help you slay on your beach vacay.

Seven Seas Mermaid Hair Beach Spray

Your hair

First of all, a beach break is a time for daring hairstyles. Warm weather means there’s no need for wooly hats to cover up your luscious locks; let that hair reign free! Above all else, you need to strive to keep your hair healthy. Remember that heat and exposure to sunshine are both changes that will have an effect on your hair. The salt in the sea water and the effect of the sun’s rays will both damage your hair, so it’s best not to do your roots or anything too crazy before your vacation (it’ll need enough care and attention afterwards).

The key to achieving a stunning yet natural summer look with regards to your actual hairstyle, of course, is to get your hair out of your face so as to catch the sun; the classic pinned-back look with some beachy waves could look perfect. And so could the classic slicked back “wet look”. You’ll be heading into the sea anyway, so you might as well start as you mean to go on, right?

Makeup Bag

Your face

Let’s talk about the aspect of the body that gives you the most grief: your skin. Don’t worry – you’re not alone in this endless struggle. We’ve all been in that position of seeing a brand new spot pop up just before we leave the house. Of course, that’s no good when you’re about to head on a beach vacation. You want to be showing off as much of your skin as possible to get a great tan. Whilst the sun will definitely help your skin by providing vitamin D and generally giving it a healthy glow, there’s a lot you can do to keep your face and body, as a whole, looking healthy. Whilst you should definitely have fun with different makeup looks (it’s your vacation, after all), you shouldn’t go overboard if you want your face to feel fresh and really enjoy all the effects of the sunshine. Give yourself a little break from wearing makeup now and again and keep yourself well hydrated (good general advice for warm countries) so as to keep your skin healthy and blemish-free.

In terms of keeping your face looking fashionable, you could look into light summery hats to wear; it all depends on your hairstyle, of course, but hats are definitely in right now. And in terms of eyewear, you could look into discount designer sunglasses to get that sleek and stylish summer look without breaking the bank. The point is that fashion doesn’t end once you get higher than the neck; have some fun accessorizing yourself.

Cupshe Rose Thorn Print Bikini Set

Your swimwear

Speaking of accessorizing, let’s get to one of the most fun parts of preparing your look for this beach vacation: your swimwear. A good rule of thumb is to bring one bikini for every day you’ll spend at your destination. You’ll be wearing bikinis for the majority of your time anyway, given that you’ll be in such a hot climate, so you might as well take this chance to really expand on your wardrobe. You could match your bikinis with light “cover-ups” just to add a bit of variety to your outfits and to provide yourself a warmer option for the later and breezier parts of the day.

Your packing technique

As a final piece of advice, make sure you’re very organized throughout the packing process. If you want to slay on your beach vacay then you don’t want to forget any essentials and you definitely don’t want to find that all your cute outfits are crumpled or smell like an old suitcase once you get to your destination. You could throw some dryer sheets into the case so as to ensure your clothes all come out smelling like roses and your summer outfits aren’t ruined by foul odors emanating from them.


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As we settle into fall and winter quickly approaches over the horizon (you know we’ll be complaining about the cold in no time), there’s a mixed feeling of happiness and loss. The colder months bring cozy sweaters, rich colors and hot chocolate with all the trimmings. But we leave behind the sun and heat of summer. For those of you who live in a warm state year-round, you probably don’t feel the same. But it is sad having to say goodbye to summer, packing away all your cute shorts and crops and saying goodbye to any open shoes for the next six months.

There are ways to keep summer alive through the colder months without looking weird in your sandals in the snow.

the carolove Summer Love In The Winter

Salt Life Print


With Vogue promoting shorts and knee-highs as one of the trends for this season, you can keep on wearing yours through the winter. They are also saying that printed and woolen tights are back – so keep out your skirts and pair them up with a more seasonally-appropriate under garment. You’re going to want to trade in your slip-ons for boots soon, but that can be really effective when paired with your summer ankle-dusters. And, as it has been all this year, it’s all about the layers. Don’t discount your crop is you can layer on a shirt, scarf, and jacket to go with it.


Waves are still cute in the winter, so don’t store your salt-spray just yet. The fashion trends might be calling for ponytails and messy buns, but those hair styles aren’t going to keep your ears warm, nor will they accommodate a hat. Beach waves are a year-round style. As is pastel hair and mermaid dyes. Winter is also a great time for you to care for your hair after the heat and sun damage it will have had over the summer.


In the summer, we tend to go lighter on the makeup, and darker in the winter. But you do you. If you want peach tones instead of burgundy, then apply them. And the festival glitter that has rocked the nation this summer? What time of year is better for extra glitter than Christmas? Amp up the glitter if you want to. Do think, however, that with the loss of a natural tan, you may need to swap out your foundation and contour kit for a lighter shade.


Who said a tan is a summer thing? Luckily that golden glow is achievable year round and completely accepted by everyone. You may want to tone it down a little, but you can still look sun-kissed in the snow. There are many options, from self-tanning to spray-tans and sunbeds. Obviously, you need to take care of your skin, so if you opt for the sunbed option, use sunscreen, and don’t believe those people who say you can’t get a tan while wearing SPF – if you need more convincing, ask the expert: can you still get a tan while wearing SPF? Some of the best tans over winter are gradual ones, pick up a gradual bronzing moisturizer and use it a couple of times a week, or as little as you need to get the color you want. You can probably pick them up cheaper now than you could in the summer too.

Mid-season Sun

If you’re craving beaches and sunshine, why not book a weekend getaway to somewhere hot? You can take a road trip to the south, or fly out to anywhere south of the equator. Airbnb has some amazing winter getaway deals. Try the canary islands for a beach holiday, Miami for a city break, or Australia for a little bit of everything.

Food and Drink

For some reason, a lot of food is dictated to being ‘winter’ or ‘summer’ food. Like hearty pies in the cold, and BBQs in the heat. The fact that lighting the BBQ in the frost doesn’t appeal to anyone shouldn’t stop you having a BBQ-esque party inside. The same goes for tapas and sushi, which are other dishes more common in the summer. If you want to enjoy sake nigiri in your sweater and fluffy socks, then do.

The same thing applies to cocktails – you don’t have to trade them in for whiskey and baileys just because the temperature dropped. If you want a cosmo, then you have a cosmo. But if you want to try a warmer cocktail and combine the winter and summer then why not try a winter cocktail.


The house tends to get more decorated in the fall and winter do to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. But there is a gap between summer and Halloween when you’re trying to keep the summer going a little longer. There are a few things you can do to achieve that. One of them is a sunlamp. A sunlamp can be used on its own or as an alarm clock, it replicates the dawn and wakes you up gradually without disturbing your REM sleep. Depending on when you get up in the morning will depend on whether it’s still dark outside – but with the winter solstice quickly approaching, the nights are getting longer. The sunlamp helps you keep the morning sun year round. They also help to combat SAD (seasonal affective disorder) which is where a person can become depressed due to a lack of vitamin D.

You can also introduce some houseplants to your home, keeping the place green throughout the year. Most plants will naturally die off in autumn, but things like succulent grasses will stay the same all year. You can also use winter blooms to replace the summer plants.


The replacement of plants applies in the garden too, but rather than ripping things up by the roots, try and mix up the summer and winter bulbs and seeds, that way your garden will always be in bloom with minimal effort. You can keep using your garden in the winter too – obviously, when it snows it’s the perfect place for snowman and snowball fights. And the longer nights give your fireworks a perfect backdrop. But to keep the heat, install some outdoor heaters around your seating area, you may need a blanket or two, but you can still enjoy the night outside. And during the day, your garden needs just as much care as in the summer – you need to protect the plants that might not make it, and leaving feed out for the birds and squirrels is more important than ever.

Next Year

And if you are completely at a loss with winter and just want next summer to roll around sooner, then start planning ahead. Most festivals release dates if not tickets and lineups super early. Start plotting your festival calendar, call up your friends and get them as hyped as you are. You can also start planning holidays – the early-booking can get you some amazing deals.


At the end of all of that, there are some amazing parts of winter you should be enjoying. Fall brings Halloween, which means scary movies cuddled up on the sofa with popcorn. Dressing up and going out with your friends. Thanksgiving is a great time to spend with family, and it’s all about food and fun and who can eat the most turkey. Christmas is a glitter-fest of presents, love, food, and family. And then New Year’s Eve rolls around with some of the best parties of the year.

As well as partying your socks off – you also get to wear the fluffiest pairs you own. With thick sweaters, bobble hats and scarves that look more life blankets. You can stay in an eat as many marshmallows you want purely because they are either in your hot chocolate or on a chocolate dipped wafer. You’re more likely to spend quality time with friends and family because you’ll stay in and chat rather than laying out by a pool or going to a club – which is fun but not the best place for a conversation.


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Your skin can be your biggest beauty feature or your biggest pet peeve. In a world where women are made to think that makeup is an absolute must – and where wearing makeup can be fun and pretty – more often or not, your skin takes a beating. Forgetting to go through a skin care routine once or twice might be okay, but not to do it at all is the worst thing. Not only can it clog up your pores creating those pimples everyone hates, but it can also age you prematurely and create blemishes and discoloration.

the carolove Rose Water Toner 2 oz/ Hydrating Toner/ Natural skincare/ Little luxuries/ Vegan skincare/ Facial toner/ face mistRose Water Toner 2 oz

Type of Skin

The first thing you need to do is recognize what sort of skin you have;

  • Oily skin is greasy, shiny and can have large pores.
  • Dry skin can be flakey, scaly and rough.
  • Combination skin can have both of the above, usually oily centers around the nose and forehead, and the dry skin stays on the cheeks and chin.
  • Sensitive skin can react to different products and can be a result of asthma or Rhodesia.

You should always buy products that are right for your skin type. If you’re unsure which, then ask a beautician or a trained someone at your drugstore of choice.

Skin Care Routine

A daily skin care routine doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming.

  • AM: wash your face with lukewarm water and pat dry with a clean towel – change your towel daily to avoid dabbing bacteria on your clean face. Washing first will rinse off the sleep and sweat from the night. Then apply a cleanser that is right for your skin type. Once this has been absorbed or washed off, continue with a toner, this helps to reduce any blemishes or discoloration. Next, apply a face moisturizer – these are different from what you would put on your body as it is lighter and conditioned to not clog up your pores.
  • PM: Wipe off your makeup with a makeup cloth or good old water – no soap and try not to scrub at your skin. Then repeat your morning routine, after your moisturizer has absorbed apply any particular skin treatment you might need. This might be some Marine collagen treatment or localized acne treatment.

Never go to bed with makeup on.


When choosing your makeup make sure you avoid oil-based products, you want something water based and light for your skin. Again check if there are any that suit your skin type.

Apply an SPF primer before putting on your makeup, this helps to even out any blemishes and protects your pores from the worst of your makeup.

If you need to cover up, then use a green concealer for redness, purple for yellow undertones and peach or yellow for dark circles or bruising.

Avoid layering your makeup throughout the day, and try to not redo your makeup multiple times. The act of scrubbing clean your face and immediately applying chemicals will just irritate your skin.


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Last week, I introduced you to LiveGlam’s KissMe Club. As it was last call for their September collection, Send Me Nudes, I knew that a new collection was right around the corner. I’m super excited because it’s October which obviously means there has to be a bit of Halloween flair in there, but I wasn’t even considering another huge October focus- it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

In October we wear pink to bring awareness to Breast Cancer research. The Pinktober MorphMe Collection comes in this month’s signature color. You’ll be getting 2 face brushes and 3 eye brushes this month: PK14 Tapered Powder and PK4 Contour Blush for getting your face on fleek, and PK36 Tapered Blending, PK524 Oval Shadow, and PK45 Angle Brow to complete your look! Check out our Pinktober MorpheMe How To video while you’re at it!

Help knockout Breast Cancer this month while you slay your Pink MorpheMe brushes. If you’d like to get involved in the cause or place a donation, you can visit http://www.nationalbreastcancer.org for more information!

I think the reason I love the Halloween season as much as I do is because playing dress-up is a passion of mine. Any reason to be extra af is a good one. While I typically shy away from super bright, dark, or unusual  lips, I always get a compliment when I do try a more daring lip color. KissMe’s October Trick or Treat Collection is totally I put a spell on you and I love it! Especially that vixen color! The seasons are changing and it’s time to try something new, don’t you think?


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The above post may contain affiliate links and I may receive compensation if you click on any of the above links and/ or make a purchase from those links. Opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that I love!

Choosing what to wear to a formal event is a mean feat at the best of times, but it is only made more stressful when you are uncertain as to what your “formal” dress code actually entails. Depending on the event, location, and the hosts, “formal” can mean an entire range of things, all contrasting one another, which all can be incredibly confusing if you don’t know your hosts very well or don’t attend many formal gatherings or parties. Is it a black-tie event? Is cocktail wear appropriate? What even is a white-tie event? And how do all of these things affect what a lady can wear? The last thing you want to do is turn up underdressed, but what if you go all out and everyone else is dressed more casually? Fear not, as long as you follow these tips, you will always look your best at any formal event you attend in the future.

Long Floor Length Cocktail Dress

Consider The Location

The location of your formal event can greatly affect how you dress, regardless of the dress code, so it’s something that you must take into consideration when picking your outfit. If the event is being hosted inside, in a hall or a ballroom, then a strapless dress and heels is a sensible option. However, if it’s being hosted outside then this would not be a practical suggestion. A shawl or jacket might be required outside, to keep you from getting too cold. As well as this, you may want to choose a shoe with a thicker, lower, or no heel, to avoid you tripping on anything outside, or having your heels sink into the grass, if a grassy area is where the event is being hosted. Despite this, a sensible shoe is always a sensible suggestion, as you don’t want to have to be sat down half the evening because your feet are simply too sore for you to stand up.

Consider The Invitation

It may sound a little silly, but the medium in which your invitation arrived can often tell you a lot more about what you should wear than the invitation does itself. If you were added into a group on Facebook, then I think it’s relatively safe to say that, while you should still look dressed up for the event you are attending, it’s not one that requires you to bring out your best ball gown and pearls. On the other hand, if your invitation came via the post on a piece of thick, gold embossed card, then you perhaps should consider investing in a fancy floor length number.

Blush Pink Floral Guest List

Get Hold Of The Guestlist

Having the list of guests to hand is incredibly useful for a number of reasons. Firstly, it provides you with a range of different people with whom you can discuss their interpretation of the ambiguous dress code. As well as this, you can also discuss what each other are wearing to ensure that you don’t turn up to the affair wearing the exact same thing as someone else.

Stick To The Basics

Regardless of the type of formal event, there are always some things that you tend to be able to get away with. One such example is a cocktail dress – Cocktail dresses are shorter and a little funkier than your traditional, full-length evening gown, and are often cheaper too, which is incredibly helpful if you’re a little strapped for cash on the run up to the party. You tend to be able to get away with a cocktail dress at weddings, or any time of “drinks party” taking place in the early evening. There are certain makeup basics that you can get away with too, such as a classic smoky eye. Many eye shadow palettes, such as the Billy B x Gallany Essentials Palette from Gallany Cosmetics, contain all the colors you need for a knockout eye makeup look. Coupling this with some liquid eyeliner, and a volumizing mascara will provide a classic, elegant makeup look.

Suit Up And Stand Out

It’s true what they say, it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed, so if you really don’t know what the dress code entails then go all out -There are worse things than being remembered as the best-dressed guest. There are many different ways to make yourself stand out, one popular example is wearing a tailored suit and some sassy stilettos. Women wearing suits might not necessarily be appropriate for all formal events, but if the invitation states “Black Tie Event”, then why should it only be men that have right to wear one?

Keep Things In Balance

You have to remember when dressing up for a formal event not to make your appearance too overwhelming; Otherwise, you may end up missing the elegant, and classy part of the dress code. If you’re going for a bold eye look, have a more subtle lip color, and vise versa. If you’re wearing a lot of sparkly statement jewelry, ensure you wear a relatively plain dress. If you decide on a lovely sequined number, make sure to keep it floor length, to avoid looking like you’re dressed for a night out on the town.

Just Ask The Host

If all of this fails to provide you with any guidance, and you are still scratching your head a few days before the event, struggling to decide what to wear, it’s always best to simply ask the host. Trust me; They will appreciate you asking for their help and voicing your confusion a lot more than they would turning up to an event they’d put a lot of effort in, with all of their guests looking nothing like how they’d envisioned.

Hopefully, this advice has given you some inspiration as to what you would like to wear to your next formal event. Just remember that it doesn’t matter how much highlight or how many sparkly brooches you put on, if you don’t feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing, then you’re never going to look right. No matter what you decide to wear, ensure you wear it loud and proud, because confidence is your best feature, and is what will make your night as fun as you are hoping.


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