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With Valentine’s Day coming up, this article offers some inspiration on some imaginative ways to pop the question that are sure to sweep your partner off their feet, since the feelings of love are all around.

It’s important to remember that a proposal isn’t all about a fancy ring.  The true essence of a proposal is that of declaring to someone you want to spend the rest of your life with them – it shouldn’t be predicated on buying a fancy ring, however, rightly or wrongly, we have been conditioned to place a great deal of emphasis on the quality and size of the diamond that accompanies the proposal.

Proposal Ring Box

The point is that your love, and the person you are, is enough… a proposal shouldn’t be just another commercialized gimmick; it’s an intention to get married in a union that lasts forever.  With that in mind, here’s some inspiration on ways to pop the question:

  1. Massage

Enjoy a pamper evening together, then set up a few candles and offer a romantic massage where you save the left hand for last – and as you massage that hand, slip the ring on her finger, and gently pop the question in this wonderfully understated yet deeply intimate way.

  1. Pet Proposal

If you have a pet together, you could place the ring on its collar – just be careful to plan this well, as you don’t want the engagement ring to end up lost in the garden.

  1.  Surprise Picnic

One of the best options is to pre-prepare a picnic setting in a beautiful natural environment such as the beach… drive there, and then ask her to put on a blindfold – lead her to the spot you have set up, where perhaps there is a tent with tons of blankets too… get down down on one knee and explain she can finally remove the blindfold.

  1.  Take a Surprise Trip

Similar to the surprise picnic, albeit a little more expensive and logistically challenging, is to take your partner away for a long weekend (ideally calling up their work and arranging time off without them knowing – so it really is a surprise).  If you’re heading to somewhere like the Bahamas, you might want to check out Courtyard Nassau Junkanoo Beach which has oceanfront rooms perfect for a romantic in-room breakfast.

  1.  Love Locks

Made famous by a variety of bridges around the world, though most notably in Paris, couples share a secret then attach a padlock to the bridge and throw the key in the river.  The engagement twist, is to go back to a place where you have done this together, yet this time there is an engagement ring on a padlock next to it (just remember, this time, to keep the key).

In summary, your proposal should be inventive and tailored to your partner and the nature of your relationship; whatever you choose to do just make sure it’s personal to the two of you.


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A traditional wedding day features in the dreams of many women, but for some people, it can feel a little bit prescribed or prosaic. While you probably find the tradition of it beautiful and romantic, it’s totally normal to want to inject a bit of personality and history into the big day. Many people choose to keep the general form of the wedding traditional and bring in more modern aspects to suit their personal tastes and needs. For example, they might not choose to get married in the church, hire a wedding car, or even wear a white dress. Remember that it’s your big day, and marriage traditions are only there to provide you with guidelines when you make your plans – bringing your own personality and interests in can make the day far more intimate, romantic, and even fun. Here are some things you could try to bring some individuality to your ceremony.

Bachelorette Party Banner

Start with your bachelorette party

The wedding starts before the big day, so make sure you’re not getting carried along in decisions made by other people – your bachelorette party is the final celebration of “singledom ” and it has to represent everything that has been formative in your life. Rather than follow the usual formula of a meal and a night out clubbing, bring your own, personal interests into the planning process. Are you a fan of cocktails? Why not book yourself and the girls onto a cocktail making masterclass? If you’re a bit more outdoorsy, a day of outdoor adventure followed by a night in the club might be more your cup of tea. It’s your party, make it about you.

Short wedding dress with long sleeves

What does your dress say?

More and more women are abandoning the traditional, floor-length white wedding dress for more modern styles. Some are opting for shorter dresses – far better for dancing in after all. Some do not feel that the white dress suits them, or is appropriate, especially ladies who choose to get married a little bit older. Pastel colored wedding dresses are starting to take their place, and they still look just as stunning – in fact, in Ireland it’s normal to get married in pale blue, which is their traditional color for purity. If you’re keen on the traditional dress, go for it, but don’t allow yourself to be restricted by tradition if you’d prefer to be a bit different.

Red and Green Party Wear Silk Saree

Bring in your heritage

The exciting thing about marriage is that two people come together, bringing their different histories and heritage together too. This could be as little as two different states, but it could be as much as different continents and cultures. Allowing your heritages to shine through on the day is beautifully symbolic of two people and their cultures coming together. So if he is of Scottish descendants, get him and his groomsmen in Kilts. If you’re of Indian descent, allow elements of that to come into your food and dress choices. The eclectic meeting of cultures can create a beautiful and interesting day for everyone.

Puppy flower crown

Get your pet in on the action

If you’ve got a family pet, it can be upsetting to think of them missing out on their big day. If the venue will allow it, and you trust your beloved pet not to ruin your dress, the cake, or the wedding photos, why not let them get involved? You could have them walk down the aisle with you, carry the rings, or just be there in the photos. It’s a really cute way of making sure all the family is in on your big day, even the furry members.

Let the venue speak for you

If you’re not keen on the traditional church venue, or you’d prefer somewhere with a bit of intrigue for the reception, why not veer from the norm? Teepees, specialist caves, and even haunted mansions all offer fun venues which the guests won’t forget in a hurry. If you think the traditional type venues don’t properly represent you and your future husband, look around for something a bit different – everyone will thank you for it.

Wedding Car Ribbon and Bow Accessory Kit

Travel in style

The wedding car is the common form of transport, with some brides choosing to arrive by horse-drawn carriage if they’re feeling particularly fairy tale. But why not go even further – you don’t need to arrive by traditional means at all. If you’re a horse lover, arriving on horseback is a beautiful way to enter. If you’re a bike lover, come in on the back of a bike, or in the sidecar as your maid of honor drives. Use your entrance to embrace your own personality, and give the guests a bit of a giggle too, if that’s your sort of thing.

Galvanized Bucket

Get creative with the cuisine

The traditional three-course meal can be a really expensive, and sometimes rather boring addition to the wedding reception. If you’re both lovers of a particular cuisine, your heritage is from a country famous for its amazing food, or you just fancy something a bit different, why not branch out with the catering? You could go for a full on Texas barbecue, a good old Louisiana crawfish boil, a delicious Indian buffet, or absolutely anything else. All you have to do is ensure your venue doesn’t mind you drafting in a different caterer.

Personalized Wedding Ring Box

Make your rings together

You’ll wear your rings for the rest of time, so you want them to be special to you. Couples who forge their own wedding rings are becoming more common, and it’s not difficult to see why. When you’ve put your own hard work into the rings, they’re completely unique, just like the two of you, and they’re full of the love you share for each other. Don’t worry; you don’t have to learn the skill of metal forging – many artisan jewelers offer this service for engaged couples. You can even have them engraved with a tiny quote, the date of your wedding, or the day of your first date – is there anything cuter and more romantic?

Most of all, make it about the two of you, not the expectations of family and other guests, and just enjoy your beautiful day.



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If you have a pet who you love to bits, you might be considering making them part of your wedding day. Your pet is a member of your family, so it only seems right that they get a place in your special day. Whether you have a cat or dog, or something more unusual, you can think about a few ways to include them in your wedding day. They don’t have to be part of the ceremony or the reception to play a part. Your pet can have a small or large place in your wedding or in your preparations. Try these ideas for some cute touches.

Wedding Signs For Dogs

Getting Ready

One of the easiest ways to include your pet in your wedding it to have them around when you get ready. If you’re getting ready at home, you can have any pet be there while you prepare for your big day. Your dog can sit at your feet, or your cat can come and sit on your lap. You can have your rabbit hop around while you get dressed or your tarantula sitting on your vanity while you do your makeup. Your pet can help to keep you calm while you get ready, providing a familiar and constant presence.

Pet Photos

Another thing that some couples like to do is have their pets feature in their wedding photos. You can do this with lots of different pets too, but you should consider your pet’s personality first. Are they able to stay still long enough to get some photos? Will they be held or even wear a bow? Look for photographers like Clewell Photography who have taken photos of pets at weddings before. They will have experience of handling animals during their shoots. Make sure your photographer knows your pet will be there so they can be prepared. You could do photos with your pet at any point during the day.

Down the Aisle

You might also like your pet to come down the aisle with you. Perhaps your dog or even leash-trained cat, rabbit or ferret could be a ring-bearer. An outdoor wedding could offer you even more options if your pet is larger than most. Anything from a horse to a llama could become part of your ceremony. Of course, you need to think about your pet’s temperament and any practical issues. Will someone be left cleaning up after them?

At the Reception

If you don’t want your pet at the ceremony, you might have them at the reception. But before you bring them along, think about whether it’s suitable for them. Some dogs will love lots of people, noise, and attention. Others would rather stay at home and enjoy some time to themselves. Consider whether you need someone to watch your pet too. Do you want to hold their leash through the whole party? Don’t forget to make sure they have fun too. Some time playing with your dog can help to relax you both.

You can choose several cute ways to include your pet in your wedding day. Just give it some thought before you decide anything.


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The above post may contain affiliate links and I may receive compensation if you click on any of the above links and/ or make a purchase from those links. Opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that I love!