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Bad things happen to everyone in life. Whether you’ve just lost your job or you simply feel like you’re going nowhere in life, our notions of what is bad are quite vague. More importantly, however, an unhappy event doesn’t need to have lasting negative consequences. More often than not, it’s your attitude towards the event that creates unhappiness in life. In fact, leading a happy life comes from within. It’s about your ability to find self-strength and embrace the potential of your life. Happiness, you see, is not a matter of ticking everything off the list from the perfect husband to the best job, it’s about what you do for yourself to tackle what life throws at you and make it better. Your happiness is about growing the self and avoiding the easy mistakes of your past – the ones that led you to feel unhappy right now.

Inhale Confidence, Exhale Doubt

Self-help: Bad news doesn’t mean bad life

You know the saying when life gives you lemons, it’s time for a glass of sweet lemonade. While you might be wondering how to make lemonade out of losing your job or getting dumped, you need to get back to the core of your problems. The bitter bite that you feel right now will heal only if you choose to help yourself to get better. So you’ve lost your job? Time is not for despair; time is for positive actions. Get on the search for a new and better position. Or maybe start a freelance career and become your own boss! More importantly, whichever lemons life decides to throw at you, you need to react positively. Social isolation doesn’t help. Don’t let your social life regress because of a silly lemon. Instead, mingle with people and improve your network. It’ll help to improve your mood and your situation.

Self-awareness: Unlocking unknown potential

Have you ever thought about your life’s mission? There’s more to life than getting up and going to work. But things can be so overwhelming that sometimes it’s hard to see past your supercharged routine. That’s why you should refer to this site to unlock the mystery of your past identities and adventures. Past life regression, as it’s called, is a process of self-discovery. The better you know who you are – and who you were – the easier it’ll be to create happiness in your life.

Self-confidence: Believing in yourself

When was the last time you said: “I can do it”? For a lot of people, it goes back to a time of innocence during their early childhood. Then life got in the way and destroyed your self-esteem. Time to build it back! If fear of rejection gets the best of you, follow Jia Jiang’s approach: During 100 days he trained himself to desensitize himself from rejection, making crazy requests that people had to reject. Or maybe you simply need to focus on your successes and ignore the failures. Instead of creating a to-do list, make a did-it list, which will remind you of your achievements.

In short, you’re the master of your happiness. Only you can build it, using self-help, self-awareness, and self-confidence to pave the way from a life in gray tones to bright and optimistic days every day.


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Maintaining a healthy, loving relationship – living your life for you and someone you love, rather than just yourself – obviously takes a lot of work. One of the many things that can make them more difficult than they have to be is worrying obsessively about things that you shouldn’t. Obviously, staying in a relationship that isn’t right for you is one of the worst things you can do to yourself, but if you’re imagining issues that aren’t there, you could wind up throwing away the best thing that ever happened to you. Here, we’ll address some of the common, and usually unnecessary, worries that could ruin a wonderful relationship.

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They’re Too Good For You

When you fall in love with someone, and they reciprocate the feeling, everything can feel very surreal. Your special someone’s so beautiful, smart, funny, and just generally amazing. Of all the people they could have had, you might feel flabbergasted by the fact that they chose little old you. This common relationship worry all comes down to self-esteem. If you feel you’re not good enough for your partner, try to find out what’s dragging you down. Do you think you’re too uneducated? Too shy? Too fat or thin? Whatever your fears about not being good enough for your partner are rooted in, you just need to get over the fact that you are good enough. They chose you, and everything that makes you the person you are makes them happy enough to stick around. Make a point to start loving yourself as much as they do, and soon enough, this niggling worry will melt away.

Their Friends and Family Don’t Like You

Again, this usually comes down to a lack of self-esteem, and convincing yourself of feelings that aren’t there. Seen as you’re reading this, you’re probably not a horrible person, and have no real reason for anyone not to like you. If your partner’s parents seem to be a little cagey whenever you come over for dinner, just bear in mind that maternal and paternal instincts are among the strongest in nature. Your partner may be an adult, but to their parents, they’ll always be that little boy they raised from infancy. Their child getting hurt is going to be up there with some of their worst fears, especially if they’ve had messy, painful breakups in the past. It’s also important to remember that differences in people’s personalities can be strenuous on the warm, open feeling you’d hope to get from a romantic partner’s friends and family. Think introverts and extroverts, intellectuals and non-intellectuals. If you’re different from the other important people in your partner’s life, then once again, get over it! If everyone got on perfectly, the world would be an insufferably boring place.

He’s Taking Too Long to Propose

If you’ve been with your partner continuously for four or five years, then understandably you might be waiting for him to take a knee and reach into a pocket. If he seems to be taking his time, you may be scared to bring it up directly, and ruin the magic when he does pop the question. A fear of commitment is more common in men than it is women, but him taking his time certainly doesn’t mean that he’s never going to propose. A beautiful betrothal ring isn’t cheap, and he may be in a tricky spot with his finances, or working on a long-term savings plan. Your relationship might be so strong, and have been going on for so long, that he might feel that there’s no need to propose and make it official. If he comes from a broken family, there may be a chance that he’s afraid of starting one, and putting a child through the messy divorce that he went through. If it’s really important to you that you sanctify your relationship, and he’s really taking too long, then you may have no choice other than to bring it up directly. Still, it’s important to remember that there are a range of reasons why a man will put off proposing, and hitting your five-year anniversary without a ring on your finger isn’t the end of the world!

The Fire’s Gone Out

Once again, this could be an issue that’s rooted in low self-esteem. More often than not though, it’s simply a reaction to the usual trend of you and your partner becoming less sexually active and passionate as the years go by. You may not be as crazy for each other as you remember being, but bear in mind that this happens to almost every couple. When you’re young, and just getting to know each other, the relationship is going to be far more centered on your physical attraction to one another, rather than a genuine, deeply-rooted love for the other person. There are any number of ways you can try to spice things up in the bedroom, and this can be great for a couple. However, the fire seeming to go out is really no cause for alarm. If you seem to want more of your partner than they want of you, talk to them about it, and try to meet somewhere in the middle.

They Love Their Friends and Family More Than They Love You

Sometimes, this worry comes up far too early in the relationship. This is the point where it’s actually true, and there’s nothing wrong with it. If your boyfriend of six months seems to connect better with a friend that he’s known from childhood, and this fact bothers you, then you might be expecting too much of him. The same thing goes for their family. However, if you’re several years in, and your partner seems to prefer spending time with their friends, family, or even their colleagues than with you, it’s important to get to the root of this. If they’re particularly extroverted, they might feel they need to spend time with a variety of different people. Introverts, on the other hand, might need their alone time. If you can’t think your way out of this worry, then talk about it.


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As you’re probably already aware, there are a lot of people out there who don’t feel very confident about the way they look at the moment. It may be a deep-seated thing that really damages their self-esteem, or it may be something much simpler. In any case, trying out something new can be a pretty attractive thing to do – but it can also be a little daunting!

When people start thinking along these lines, the word “makeover” often comes to mind. But when people think about makeovers, they usually think of something quite extreme. They imagine those reality shows where someone looks completely different at the end of the hour-long program.

Of course, how far people want to take a change in their look can depends quite a lot of what their level of confidence is. People often start thinking about makeovers because someone else has said something about their appearance that wasn’t very kind.

So the first thing you should probably ask yourself is why you want a change in style. Is it just because someone else has said something unkind about what you look like? If you like your style, then you shouldn’t be discouraged just because of them. A change in style should only occur if you really want it to. (Although it could be argued that you should do it if your current style isn’t going to land you your dream job, or something like that!)

Perhaps the simplest ways in which people change their style is by reviewing the sort of clothing they usually wear. Do you tend to stick to the same kind of color scheme all the time? It’s worth seeing if you would fit any other colors. In any case, you could consider giving a wardrobe a ‘purge’. If there’s anything you feel you don’t want to wear anymore, consider packing them away or even giving them to charity. (Or a friend who’s always been envious of your wardrobe!) This will help you make room for some new purchases.

Remember, though, that a change in style doesn’t always necessitate changing your outfit styles. In fact, a lot of people avoid this simply because it’s the most expensive way to change your style, even if it seems like the simplest, at first. One thing you should consider that’s even easier is changing up your accessories – or adding some if you don’t have any already! Jewellery is probably the simplest and most effective. Bags are often recommended, but you’re not always going to be using bags when you’re out and about, so they won’t always signify your style the way you want them to!

One accessory to which you should give some thought is glasses. Of course, to most people, glasses aren’t exactly an accessory – glasses are something they need! Still, thinking about them like accessories can help you decide how they will fit in with a style change. Perhaps you want to look into getting a new pair, or maybe eschewing glasses altogether by getting some contact lenses. Heck, maybe you don’t wear glasses but think they would look good with your new look. In that case, consider looking into some clear-lens glasses. Most places that sell glasses will do them, but they’re much easier to find and buy online. (Be careful, though; you can’t exactly try them on first if you do it that way!)

Perhaps the biggest and scariest thing to commit to when it comes to style changes is a new haircut. After all, it’s not exactly something you can just put on and take off! A lot of people feel like they want to change their hair up a bit, but they’re unsure of what they should get or whether it would look good. If you’re in such a position, you should consider going to a costume shop and trying on some wigs. Seriously. It may sound odd but this really can be the best way to ‘trial’ a hairstyle before making a commitment! When people think of wigs in costume shops, they usually think of the sort of comic and impossible hairstyles you see at fancy dress parties, but there are plenty of sensible and ‘realistic’ wigs out there that emulate hairstyles that are actually feasible! This could be an effective way of making sure a given hairstyle would look good on you before you head to a hairdresser and let them approach your do!

Remember: trying to change up your style is admirable, but you shouldn’t let it take over your life. You can make stylistic changes gradually, instead of shocking everyone you know by approaching them with a completely new look!

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Sometimes it’s important to shut that fashion magazine full of skinny models – you know, the one that you enjoy reading while having a sip of your favorite coffee – and to embrace the reality of who you are. First of all, you are beautiful, don’t trust what fashion magazines tell you. You don’t need to be a size zero to look and feel amazing. And unless you are morbidly obese, you don’t need to go on a diet to love yourself. Now if losing weight is what you want, nobody is stopping you. But if the only reason to lose weight is to feel good about yourself, and especially if there is no medical reasoning behind your diet, then you need to look for other solutions.

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Embrace The Fitness Appeal

As odd as it might sound, exercising actually releases endorphin, which is the happiness hormone. It’s not about sweating the excess fat off, but about getting a fit and strong body – which is not the same thing than a skinny body –, and genuinely being happy in your skin. This might need a bit of practice at first, but all you need is to pick fitness gear that motivates you. If you’re one for the pink fashion, embrace the fitness girl power with sparkles, colorful tops, and fancy kicks. You will find that the motivation of wearing fashion fitness clothes will keep you coming back and discovering the key to your inner balance. You can find plenty of activities that are guaranteed to boost your mood, from yoga to Zumba, via power walking. No need to sweat at the gym and to compare your body to those of regular members anymore: Good mood guaranteed.

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Clever Non-Invasive Treatments

Feeling good is not only about endorphin hormone. Sometimes, it’s about actually seeing a difference and finding a body that you can love again. When dieting and heavy fitness programs don’t work, you have one more solution before considering an invasive surgical operation: You can find effective body contouring treatments at a dermatologist. From a freezing approach that targets the fat cells with cooling treatments to an ultrasound device that stimulates collagen growth in your face, there are many techniques to address the problems you might be struggling with. But the results are real, and you can begin to notice the differences within a few weeks.

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Dress Your Shape

It’s not your weight that matters; it’s your shape. And you’d be surprised to know that most women can’t dress for their shape. Dressing for your shape requires you to understand whether your body is pear, apple, hourglass shaped, and how to maximize your sexy features and to hide the bits and bobs that you dislike. This might need some body measurements, but it’s only to help you feel and look good in your clothes.

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Be Loved And Love Back

There’s nothing like love to make you feel beautiful. Whether it’s a partner, a spouse, or a trusted group of friends, surrounding yourself with positive statements and emotions, is the best way to be good in your skin.


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We get bombarded with the notion of perfection, we see what others accomplish and how they live, and we can’t help but compare ourselves to what we see. This is what leads so many of us to always second guess ourselves, to always doubt and always drive ourselves to do better without giving ourselves credit for what we’ve achieved so far. Well, enough is enough. We all have to learn some self-love and see just how better and how much more we can accomplish when we stop being so hard on ourselves.

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Make time for yourself

When was the last time you gave yourself a chance to be happy by yourself? Break out of the cycle, shut the computer down, turn off the phone and give yourself some ‘you time’ Take yourself on a date, whether it’s going to the cinema to see a movie you’re excited about or going on a city break to place you’ve always wanted to go. Take a class and start a hobby. Get creative with no goal but exploring your own mind. Every now and then we should take a day of looking after our mood.

Stop the self-neglect

Loving yourself as you are is important, but we are all works-in-progress. No-one feels like they are ‘done’. We all recognize we have some potential, so we should neglect it because we don’t think we’re worth the time. Don’t focus on your flaws and how others might see them, but work on improving yourself for your own sake. If you don’t like your smile, look at modern dental solutions so you can feel confident in your own smile. If you want to lose weight, then find manageable solutions for your own health, not how you worry people think you look. Whatever your goals for self-improvement are, make sure that it’s about the self. That’s the key to confidence, not the perception of others.

Keep your boundaries

When your self-esteem is low, it’s all too easy to let people walk all over you. You squeeze your feelings into a little, dense ball of lead that just weighs on you from the inside. It’s time to put your foot down. This doesn’t mean being nasty, it means recognizing your boundaries. Make a list of what’s important to you and what hurts you the most. Don’t tolerate people that continuously cross those boundaries. The truth is that most people will check their behavior when they realize that it can be so personally hurtful to another. They don’t share your perspective or all of your values, so simply laying the boundaries can cause them to be more respectful and allows you have a more honest relationship with them.

As a final note, the next time you feel like being hard on yourself, talk to the person in the mirror. Treat her as if she was someone different from you. Does she really deserve kind of scorn you can show yourself? Would you say it to her? Treating yourself as well as you treat other people is the minimum we can expect from ourselves.

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The above post may contain affiliate links and I may receive compensation if you click on any of the above links and/ or make a purchase from those links. Opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that I love!