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Bad things happen to everyone in life. Whether you’ve just lost your job or you simply feel like you’re going nowhere in life, our notions of what is bad are quite vague. More importantly, however, an unhappy event doesn’t need to have lasting negative consequences. More often than not, it’s your attitude towards the event that creates unhappiness in life. In fact, leading a happy life comes from within. It’s about your ability to find self-strength and embrace the potential of your life. Happiness, you see, is not a matter of ticking everything off the list from the perfect husband to the best job, it’s about what you do for yourself to tackle what life throws at you and make it better. Your happiness is about growing the self and avoiding the easy mistakes of your past – the ones that led you to feel unhappy right now.

Inhale Confidence, Exhale Doubt

Self-help: Bad news doesn’t mean bad life

You know the saying when life gives you lemons, it’s time for a glass of sweet lemonade. While you might be wondering how to make lemonade out of losing your job or getting dumped, you need to get back to the core of your problems. The bitter bite that you feel right now will heal only if you choose to help yourself to get better. So you’ve lost your job? Time is not for despair; time is for positive actions. Get on the search for a new and better position. Or maybe start a freelance career and become your own boss! More importantly, whichever lemons life decides to throw at you, you need to react positively. Social isolation doesn’t help. Don’t let your social life regress because of a silly lemon. Instead, mingle with people and improve your network. It’ll help to improve your mood and your situation.

Self-awareness: Unlocking unknown potential

Have you ever thought about your life’s mission? There’s more to life than getting up and going to work. But things can be so overwhelming that sometimes it’s hard to see past your supercharged routine. That’s why you should refer to this site to unlock the mystery of your past identities and adventures. Past life regression, as it’s called, is a process of self-discovery. The better you know who you are – and who you were – the easier it’ll be to create happiness in your life.

Self-confidence: Believing in yourself

When was the last time you said: “I can do it”? For a lot of people, it goes back to a time of innocence during their early childhood. Then life got in the way and destroyed your self-esteem. Time to build it back! If fear of rejection gets the best of you, follow Jia Jiang’s approach: During 100 days he trained himself to desensitize himself from rejection, making crazy requests that people had to reject. Or maybe you simply need to focus on your successes and ignore the failures. Instead of creating a to-do list, make a did-it list, which will remind you of your achievements.

In short, you’re the master of your happiness. Only you can build it, using self-help, self-awareness, and self-confidence to pave the way from a life in gray tones to bright and optimistic days every day.


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