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We all have those days that just feel like the world is against you. Where nothing has gone right, you’ve been treated like dirt, or you’ve made mistake after mistake and just frustrated yourself to tears. These times can be the worst and can make you feel like it has set you up for a few miserable days (or years) to come.

But, it doesn’t have to. There are some really great techniques that you can do that can wipe the slate clean and make tomorrow a new day.

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Whether you come home to someone, or you call them, get someone you love on the phone and just rant about the whole situation. You will get angry, and probably cry as you relive the day from hell, but the physical act of retelling the story rather than keeping it bottled up, and having someone on your side really does help to relieve some of the day’s tension. If you’re with your ventee, then go for a cuddle – as simple as it seems a cuddle can reduce your stress levels enormously. And if you need to cry then let it out and ugly cry – you’ll feel so much better once you’re done.


Now it’s time to stop thinking about it. Pick up your favorite book, turn on your current binge-worthy program, or lose yourself in the pages of the latest vogue. Whatever you love to do in your spare time, even if it’s something high-intensity like going for a run or doing an hour of yoga, then do it. Get involved and engross yourself in something that has nothing to do with the day you’ve just had. By getting out of your head for an hour, you allow your emotions to settle down, which will calm the adrenaline the anger and crying will have brought on.


Run a bath, or turn on the shower if you prefer, make it nice and hot and add the personal touch of your favorite bubble bath or salts. Stick on a chilled out playlist and soak your troubles away. Aromatherapy is seriously at play here, the scents and warm air relax the mind as the hot water relaxes those tight muscles. If you have been crying, place a warm, damp washcloth over your eyes to really freshen up the tightness around your eyes – it will help to reduce the redness too.


Now is the best bit – climb into bed and sleep. Set your alarms and put your phone down – don’t check Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest, just put the screen down. Staring at a screen before you go to bed distracts the mind and tricks your eyes into thinking it’s time to work. So while you’re in such a relaxed state, just turn it off and slip into a nice deep slumber, and tomorrow really will feel like a new day.


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Despite your dreams of a fairytale come true, the wedding day can be very stressful. Yes, you will finally be marrying the man you love, but with the amount of planning that goes into making the big event happen, you may be in danger of having a stress-induced meltdown. There is the potential  for mistakes, so you want to do all you can to make life easier for yourself.

I’ve been involved in a few myself and seen room for improvement, mentally taking notes for my own big day.

bride emergency kit

1.  Planning is important

There is lots to do before the big day, from looking at the best venues to picking out your bridesmaid dresses. Make a checklist of everything you need to do, and accomplish your tasks ahead of time. This will give you peace of mind in the run-up to the wedding and will cut down a lot of the stress on your wedding day. I’m using The Knot checklist… kind of out of order but it’s at least letting me know about where I should stand with tasks before the big day.

2. Get plenty of sleep the night before

You have a long day ahead of you, so it is advisable to get plenty of sleep the night before. You don’t want to spend the night celebrating with alcohol, and then wake up the next morning with the mother (in law) of all hangovers. I made this mistake at a friend’s wedding… never again. Get your beauty sleep, and you will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever the day throws at you.

3. Hire the beauty squad

Weddings can be expensive, so you will want to save money where you can. However, you don’t want to look like Bonzo the Clown when you walk down the aisle because of your best friends ill-conceived efforts with a makeup brush, so hire a professional to work on your hair and makeup. You want to look good on your wedding photos, so the cost will be worth it.

I found my MUA through a friend of my mom’s and my hair stylist through a family friend stylist who wasn’t available. Use Instagram and talk to your friends! My venue suggested crazy expensive stylists that I wasn’t super impressed with, so it took a little research but I’m very happy with my choices.

On the same note- don’t feel like everyone going to the wedding needs to get ready with you. This was a mistake that set one wedding I went to back over an hour.

4. Find moral support

Your family and friends are great for moral support, so for all your emotional needs, they should be your first port of call. You need those people around you who are going to uplift you, encourage you, and make you smile. Ditch anybody who will only make you feel bad, and give them a job to do to keep them out of your hair. My MUA also said she only wants my mom with me while I’m getting my makeup done. I’m fine with that.

5. Call in the professionals

Your family may be able to take on some of the wedding tasks, such as directing guests in the car park and looking after the kids after the service. However, there are some aspects of the day where the professionals should be called on. So, to avoid the mishap of Uncle Pete leaving the lens cap on, and your mother-in-law giving your guests food poisoning with her unfortunate fish stew, hire experienced people to carry out those jobs which require the professional touch.

Because my venue is pretty all-inclusive, the food is totally taken care of (once we have our tasting). Our photog was another recommendation from a friend, and I hired a month-of coordinator to make sure everything falls into place.

6. Arrive early, but not too early

You want to get to the wedding on time, but the earlier you get there, the more stressed out you may be. Give yourself time to relax, spend time pampering yourself in the morning, and then arrive at the church at a reasonable time to take some pictures there before guests start arriving.

7. Go with the flow

This is your day, so enjoy it. If something does go wrong, don’t stress, and go with the flow. Chances are, nobody will see the issue you but you- if you’re not too busy to notice. You’re getting married to someone you love, and that is all that matters. So, if the best man knocks over the chocolate fountain, or your mother-in-law locks herself in the loo, keep smiling, and carry on regardless.


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As much as we’d all like to leave a calm and peaceful life, it isn’t always possible. Stress is everywhere. Whether you find yourself getting worked up at work, or wound up at home, it’s highly likely that you’re no stranger to stress. But does that mean that you should accept the feeling of frustration? No, certainly not. In fact, you’re definitely entitled to be your happiest self. Although you may never be able to fight off all of the stresses in life, you should be able to work on ways to keep calm when chaos threatens to put an end to your peace. So let’s look at how.

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Create The Right Environment

The first thing you need to do to be able to keep yourself calm, is often to create the right environment around you. It may seem silly, but your immediate surroundings will always contribute to how you feel in yourself. So when you’re stressed out, you need to take action. Work on creating a positive atmosphere around yourself. Draw yourself a bath, light some candles, read. Do whatever you need to do to stay calm. What you choose to do will be based on your own preferences, but in general, anything slow, quiet, calming, and relaxing is always a great idea.

Encourage Balance

The next thing you should aim to do, is find a balance. This is often hard to do, but you should look into different ways to keep your mind and body in perfect harmony. Whether you choose to exercise, or even use moonstones like this https://accessgems.com/moonstone-meaning-properties-symbolism/, you will soon see how important balance is to your stress levels. Because when you can find the perfect balance, you should always stay calm.

Switch Off

However, one of the main reasons that you could be feeling so stressed out at the moment, could be down to being ‘on’ all of the time. If your mind is always active, and you’re always consuming, you’re going to be stressing yourself out without even knowing it. So switch off. Literally switch off your devices and enjoy some quiet time. Go for a walk or take that bath. You’ll soon feel relaxed and less stressed.

Sleep More

Another reason for why you could find it so easy to get worked up is because you’re not sleeping properly. Getting enough sleep and actually sleeping well is hugely important for your health. So you have to be able to ensure you can enjoy the right levels of sleep if you want to be happy and calm.

Practice The Art Of Mindfulness

And finally, you may also find that being mindful more often can really help to keep you calm and centered, even at the most chaotic of times. Even if you’ve never tried mindfulness before, these mindfulness exercises https://positivepsychologyprogram.com/mindfulness-exercises-techniques-activities/ are not only easy to practice, but they’re hugely effective too. So start practicing today, and you’ll soon learn how to keep yourself calm in the most chaotic of situations.


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They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. We’re not exactly sure who the first “they” was when it comes to this quote, but there’s no denying the power of this statement. After all, looking into someone’s eyes can be a unique, dazzling, and revealing experience. When you meet someone who clearly has beautiful eyes, it’s one of the first things you notice about them – and that impression stays with you for a long time.

But having naturally beautiful eyes can be wasted if you’re not taking care of them properly, or not allowing them to be as vibrant and noticeable as can be. We’re going to take a look at a slew of tips that will help you highlight your eyes, as well as keep them vibrant healthy for the long run.

Glitter Rainbow Makeup

Eyebrow taming

One of the simplest but most underappreciated tips is to tame your eyebrows. Different things will work for different faces and different eyes. Thicker eyebrows may accentuate the beauty of the eyes below them on some people, but they can also distract from them on others! In any case, get out the tweezers and get those eyebrows looking sharp. They are the things that lead to your eyes, after all. Great eyebrows help frame a face in a similar way to eyes; people who notice how great your eyebrows are

Pretty up those eyelashes

Eyes help frame a face, but how can you help frame your eyes? Perhaps the most obvious answer is to get those eyelashes looking deep, luscious, and dark. Eye shadow can be very good, but it can easily distract if you’re not careful. If you’re looking for something with less risk of overkill then a good brand of mascara will do the trick! Using this in addition to curling can work wonders. If you can’t seem to get it right, or you’re having trouble finding the right mascara for you, then you should definitely consider looking into quality fake eyelashes. Even the really big ones that are clearly fake can help bring attention to your gorgeous soul windows!

Makeup hacks

Getting your eyes to look as good as possible isn’t always as simple as adding some mascara or standard eye shadow; sometimes, you have to be a bit more subtle and clever in your technique. One thing you can try is using your pinky finger to dab a little bit of white eye shadow in the corner of each eye. You can also apply some white shadow right under your brow, or use a light brow highlighter pencil. These subtle changes make your eyes look a little wider and a lot brighter, giving them a fresher look. Whatever you do when it comes to highlighting, ensure you’re using light colors. Light colors help reflect light; darker colors make everything recede, appearing smaller.

Tools for poppin’ those peepers:

Dangerous makeup mistakes

There are loads of risks when it comes to using eye makeup. One of the most common (but less dangerous) is the use of brand names that have been hyped up but turn out to be wastes of money. This is why you should research each option thoroughly. For example, those who have heard of Idol Lash are encouraged to check independent reviews and news sites to make sure it’s getting a good response from people who have used it! Other eye makeup mistakes can cause serious damage. Make sure you replace your makeup every three or four months to reduce the spread of bacteria, and to be careful when buying brands so as to ensure there are no toxic heavy metals in the ingredients.


One of the reasons that people really fall for a beautiful pair of eyes is the color and sharpness of the iris. With this in mind, it’s clear that some people just got incredibly lucky. We weren’t all born with the naturally stunning irises of the likes of Zooey Deschanel, Angelina Jolie, Michael Fassbender, or, um, PewDiePie. (Seriously, that guy has incredible eyes, oddly enough.) Cosmetic contact lenses can help out a lot here! Of course, these are just a temporary solutions – unfortunately, we can’t get colored contacts that actually correct your vision the way regular contacts do yet. Hopefully, someone is working on it – but we’re not sure eye science will allow for such a possibility! Speaking of contacts…

Be careful with contacts

It’s easier than you think to make mistakes with contact lenses that can both make your eyes look irritated in the short-term and even damage them in the long-term. If you want to make sure your eyes look and feel healthy for as long as possible, then you need to be careful with those contacts. Never wear them to bed; this seems like obvious advice, but a lot of people simply forget to take them out. You also need to remove them before submerging yourself in water. Baths, hot tubs, and pools (public pools especially, yuck) are crawling with bacteria, and your contact lenses are more than happy to soak up that bacteria.

Consider organic facewash

The products you use to wash your face can have a big impact on the health of your eyes. Even if you don’t notice it, at least a tiny bit of whatever you’re using will probably creep in-between your lids and get into your eyes. With this in mind, it’s best that you use a facewash that isn’t loaded with harmful chemicals. Unfortunately, most of them are loaded with harmful chemicals! While they help keep your skin clean in the short-term, they can dry them out in the long-term. Stick with organic cleansers. While it’s not exactly advisable to get such facewash in your eyes, it will certainly be a lot less harmful if that does happen! Cleansers and soaps with artificial fragrances and colors are to be avoided.

Keep your bedding clean

Your bedsheets and pillowcases are swarming with bacteria, I’m afraid. Well, they are after about a week. A lot of people neglect to change their pillowcases as often as they should, perhaps because they don’t appreciate how unhygienic they get after a few days’ use – especially in these hot months! Even showering and washing your hair before bed isn’t going to help all that much. Sweat, dead skin, oil… your pillowcase is absorbing it all, and all that junk can get into your eyes more easily than you might imagine. Don’t be the (alarmingly common) type who changes their bedding once a month. It’s best to do it at the end of every week, providing optimum protection for both your skin and eyes. Speaking of bed…

Get enough sleep

The most vibrant eyes are helped in their vibrancy by looking wide and alert. There are really very few things better for your eyes than getting enough sleep – in fact, this is probably the most important piece of advice in this whole article! In fact, rest throughout the day is important for our eyes, otherwise you’re going to wear them out. This is why you need to take a break from looking at screens. Even long reading sessions from regular books can cause some strain if you’re not giving them an occasional rest.

We tend to see the eyes are these very passive organs. This mindset is partly reflected in the fact that we refer to them as “windows” to the soul. We see them as windows through which our brains gain data to process into sensory information. But the eyes are doing a fair amount of work themselves. When you go to sleep, you’re really giving your eyes some much-needed rest. So make sure you get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night. This will also prevent puffiness or dark coloring around the eyes. It also helps keep your skin looking good, which will complement the beauty of your eyes!

Protect them properly

Going out in the summer? Then get some sunglasses. And no, I don’t mean you should buy those cheap ones that you keep having to replace. Sunglasses don’t just provide a dark surface off of which sunlight bounces. Sunlight is going to get in regardless; the lenses need to negate or soften the UV light, the most dangerous element of those sunbeams. This will help you keep your eyes bright and healthy for as long as possible.

Eat right

Last but not least: you need to think about your diet. We don’t tend to think of our diets as having much of an impact on our eyes, but this isn’t the truth. Did your parents ever tell you that carrots could help you see in the dark if eaten enough? (They were probably telling you this around the same time they were swearing by the existence of Santa Claus.) It’s an exaggeration of course, but carrots are an amazing source of vitamin A, which has been proven to be great for long-term eye health. In fact, the best eye drops on the market tend to contain some vitamin A. Making sure you drink plenty of water will also help keep your eyes healthy. A good diet will help you sleep better, so remember that, too!


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Good skin care should be at the heart of all beauty routines. After all, it’s the biggest organ of the human body and is also the part of the body that is on show to people as well as the elements. Unfortunately, keeping it in the best possible condition can often feel very challenging indeed.

Whether it’s dry skin, spots, or other blemishes doesn’t matter. Those imperfections can drain confidence to restrict your daily happiness, which is why perfect skin should be a priority on a 24/7 basis. Here’s how to achieve it.

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#1. Change Your Lifestyle

Before worrying too much about ideas specifically aimed at improving the skin, you should analyze your life. Daily activities and routines can have a telling impact on the appearance and health of all body parts, and the skin is certainly no different.

The skin will react to your choices. Therefore, employing a healthier sleeping pattern should be one of the first things on your agenda. Meanwhile, you should always aim to stay hydrated with regular water intake.

In truth, the benefits gained from those improved habits will extend themselves far beyond the skin. They will improve teeth, hair and other body features. Above all else, though, it’ll give your skin the glow it deserves.

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#2. Treat It Well

Following positive general routines will give you a solid platform. However, those aspects alone won’t keep your skin in great health. The daily care routines are essentials.

In addition to cleaning with suitable and gentle products, you should find the best moisturizers for your skin too. Use the Total Beauty guide to face moisturizers to find the perfect solution for you. When added to the hydration of drinking water, you’ll be sure to maintain that healthy glow throughout.

Meanwhile, a weekly pampering session will work wonders too. This could involve home treatments or a trip to the local spa. Either way, your skin will be eternally grateful.

Exfoliating & Moisturising Sugar Scrub

#3. Don’t Forget The Body

Great skincare routines shouldn’t focus only the face. The body is just as vital for gaining the desired appearance, and it should not escape your thoughts.

There are many elements to keeping the body’s skin in good health, but that maintenance can be a pain. Hollywood Skin permanent hair removal treatments can make life a lot easier by getting rid of arguably the most stressful task. Moreover, you’ll probably save money in the long run too.

You must also appreciate the need for sun lotions, moisturizers, and other items that may keep your skin in better health. Essentially, anything you’d do for the face should be incorporated here too.

Kaleidoscope Makeup brushes

#4. Choose Makeup Wisely

Even when you take the time and effort to perfect your natural glow, there will be times where makeup is considered essential. Even if you don’t intend to wear it on a daily basis, having the right products is key.

First and foremost, you should be aware of the latest trends surrounding this aspect. Following outdated fashions will instantly make you feel more conscious. Nonetheless, it’s even more crucial that the selected products suit both the tone and sensitivity of your skin.

The right makeup, on top of a great canvas, is sure to make the right impression time and time again.


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The above post may contain affiliate links and I may receive compensation if you click on any of the above links and/ or make a purchase from those links. Opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that I love!