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While the enjoyable festive season has arrived, most people will also have one eye on January and the new start that 2018 will offer. This year, though, why not go one better than the New Year’s resolutions that will inevitably be ruined before the end of March?

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Essentially, those resolutions are made in a bid to enhance your life. Rather than trying to change yourself into someone else, it’s far better to evolve into the best possible version of you. Here are some of the greatest ways to do this in style.

Add The Word Happy To Healthy Living

‘Losing weight’ and ‘getting fit’ are the most common resolutions by a considerable distance. While many people will see results from their diets and gym routines in the early weeks, the majority will give up before summer. In most cases, it’s because their new lifestyles are missing one key ingredient: fun.

To truly implement a new lifestyle routine, it needs to be sustainable. Starving yourself or slogging away with routines you hate will not work for the long haul. This guide to making healthy eating fun should have a huge impact on your situation. Similarly, dance classes and team sports can be the more enjoyable route for exercise.

In truth, adding the fun factor is likely to slow the speed of your transformation. However, the destination is far more important than the journey time. If the more enjoyable approach can unlock greater long-term results, you’d be a fool to ignore it. Above all else, this will keep a smile on your face through the process too. What more incentive could anybody ask for?

Spend Money More Wisely

Financial worries are the most common form of stress for the modern generations. As such, many start a new year with the goal of progressing their career. While this is an ambition that should not be abandoned, there is a more accessible way to bolster financial health. The answer is to reduce needless financial waste.

There’s nothing wrong with spending money in this life or even paying premium rates for premium quality. Still, reducing household bills and using cutbacks that won’t cause negative impacts to your lifestyle can only be positive. Likewise, changing your outlook on life to see that the affordable option is sometimes as useful as the expensive one can bring a telling impact.

Utilizing resources in a more efficient will help the cause too. This could mean selling unwanted goods or upcycling old materials. Alternatively, it may just involve making smarter home upgrade decisions. As long as financial health enters your mind at all times, your approach to money will evolve nicely. While this isn’t the most important thing in the world, it’s significance cannot be ignored.

Quit Bad Habits In The Sustainable Manner

Aside from incorporating positive additions, you may use the start of a new year as a chance to drop bad habits. These can range from gambling addictions to excessive drinking or even biting your nails. Different situations require varying approaches. Whatever the specific item might be, though, your actions should be geared towards a sustained outcome.

Without question, smoking is the most common feature on resolution lists. Just quitting at the click of your fingers isn’t a viable option for many people, but this vaping overview should open your eyes to a better solution. Making the switch is a positive step in itself, and may ease you into ending the dependency altogether. Meanwhile, discussion groups can be a great weapon in the war against this problem.

Whatever you do, be sure to take each challenge one day at a time. Otherwise, you may find that it all becomes a little overawing. For the sake of your sanity as well as your hopes of success, getting this element right is vital. Until you successfully master this aspect, none of the progress made elsewhere will seem truly rewarding.

Work On The Positives

A lot of people try to take on New Year’s resolutions that are simply unobtainable. In many cases, you can have a positive impact on your life by focusing on maximized success in areas that already boast a strong starting point.

This could take many forms from becoming a better worker to focusing more on celebrating your relationship. The latter is arguably the most important factor of all, and is one that regularly goes undervalued. Even if it’s only by adding a weekly date night at home, there’s no doubt that improvements in this part of your life will bring fantastic results. For both of you.

Apart from anything else, those strong foundations in these areas mean you should start to reap the full rewards far sooner. Use this as a starting point before turning your attentions back to much bigger challenges. After all, success breeds success, and this tip will keep your mindset in a far stronger position.

Make Better Use Of Your Time

With any standard resolution, you’re actively looking to incorporate something new and better into your life. Whatever those targets might look like, it’s safe to say that using time in a more efficient manner will make it easier. Frankly, mastering this element will turn you into a far more productive person, which should lead to a host of benefits. As far as personal improvement is involved, this is top of the agenda.

Taking greater control over your organizational skills is the perfect starting point. Embracing routines enables you to avoid the threat of wasting time. Perhaps more crucially, though, you should alter your approach to sleep. A good rest makes a world of difference to your productivity throughout the day ahead and leaves you with increased energy. Do not get it wrong.

We only get one shot at this life, and the desire to do more with it is the reason we make those resolutions in the first place. When you use your time well, there can be no regrets. Quite frankly, that’s all anyone could ever ask for from 2018. Or indeed any other.


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I have to say- I adore my month-of wedding coordinator. Tabitha Roberts, aside from having one of my favorite names, is covering all the details on my big day that’ll drive me crazy. I opted to do day-of (really month-of) coordination which includes:

  • Orchestrating vendor walk through one month prior to wedding
  • Collaboration with vendors on floor plans, setup, and time lines
  • Being the point of contact for vendors and family on wedding day
  • Coordinating your rehearsal before the big day
  • Unlimited hours with our Coordinator and assistant on the wedding day

I didn’t really need a wedding planner, per say, but she’ll definitely been needed so I’m not running around like a chicken with my head cut off… at least more than I need to be.

Between being in two weddings without a coordinator start over and hour late and having one awesome coordinator actually sew myself and the other bridesmaids into our dresses when all of our zippers broke, I’ve seen how valuable the extra help can be. There is no getting away from the fact that an expert wedding planner can relieve some stress of planning your wedding. But let’s also not forget that the elimination of stress does cost some extra money. So as lovely as that might be, it isn’t always going to be a luxury that we can all afford. You may be on a budget that is pretty tight or like to plan an organize most things yourself. If so, then there are a few lessons we can learn from the professionals when it comes to planning a wedding.

Luxury marble wedding planner book


Give Yourself Plenty of Time

If you’re going to be doing it yourself, then you need to allow plenty of time to get things done. You’ll have your regular job to contend with, whereas planning your wedding would be the full-time job of a professional. Around eight months should be plenty, but a year can be the ideal time to get all of the plans in place.

Be Prepared To Negotiate

Your wedding is your wedding. But for wedding vendors, it is merely a transaction. So when it comes to planning, it can help to see things as a business transaction too. Which is why being savvy and negotiating can be a good way to get the best deal. If you don’t want certain elements that the photographer is offering, then ask for something else or just have the price reduced. Be prepared to negotiate so that you only end up with the things that you want.

Get Help When Needed

Some elements will need some professional help. So don’t be afraid to ask for it (just be prepared to negotiate when you do). Looking for a reception venue can often bring with it some wedding organizers to help plan things for the day. So work with them and make sure that they have a clear idea of how you want things to look and work on the day.

Spend Money Wisely

The cost of weddings can spiral out of control if you let it. So it is a good idea to plan carefully and spend wisely. It could be a good idea to get a specific wedding credit card that will allow you to earn cash back or air miles for your honeymoon, for example. You’re going to be spending the money anyway. So you may as well get some extras for your sending, right?

Read The Fine Print

A professional is going to be the person reading through the contracts all for you. Which is why you need to make sure that you are checking all of the fine print if you decide to go it alone. You might be signing away hidden costs or extras if you don’t check on this kind of thing. As has been said, your wedding is just a business transaction for vendors. So check the details of everything, including (even though it will be the last thing on your mind) things like cancellation policies.


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There comes a time in life where you just need to grab the bull by the horns, take the plunge, make the change. Things that you have been sitting on for absolutely ages but never got round to doing, either out of fear, complacency or not knowing where to start. Most people wait for the New Year to start implementing resolutions, but this doesn’t have to be the way. Why wait for an arbitrary day to get stuff moving? Start with the here and now.

But what if you’re struggling to realize what needs to change? Let’s take a look at a few things which the more motivated among us are striving to make better for themselves…

Slow down

Making More Time

Whether this is more time to get ready in the morning, setting aside more time to see your friends or simply taking some time out for yourself, it’s hard to conjure up something that doesn’t exist. If this time is already filled and you know that you are busying yourself way too much, start cutting out the unnecessary things. Doing things that you don’t really enjoy, not matter how good they are for you (hot yoga, anybody?) only puts you into the frame of mind that you don’t have any time to spare because you’re spending it doing this instead. Fill your life with the things that you love.

Changing Yourself

There is always something that we want to change about ourselves, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be physical. If it is physical, it’s something that needs to be researched. Both diets and cosmetic work are things that need to be sat down and thought about, not only in terms of money spent, but more so how much you want the desired outcome. Let’s take, for example, dental implants; cosmetic dentistry procedures start with a free consultation, which is just what you need to get you on track to see whether it’s for you or not. It gives the time and the professional advice to think it over. If it’s more of a lifestyle change or attitude change, connect with those who you know exhibit the traits that you want to learn or possess. Hang around with kind people all day long, and you’ll start to be kind; hang around with those with a quick-wit, and you’ll pretty soon be picking that up, too. It’s all about the circles that you choose to be a part of.

Gold Geometric Diamond Charm Necklace

Pushing Your Goals

We are so at risk of just sitting back and being content with what we’ve got. This should wait for when we’re older – much older! Always push your boundaries and further your goals. Being able to give yourself the determination and motivation to strive for better is something that can’t be bottled or bought. It’s something that needs to come from within, and while there are so many sites online to tell you how to do this, often it’s just something that needs to be figured out by ourselves.


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In an ideal world, the build up to your wedding day would be romantic, fun, and chilled. Who are we kidding? It’s fraught with last minute changes, late RSVPs, and a few financial worries thrown in for good measure. The last few weeks of wedding planning is anything but romantic, and you wouldn’t be the first bride to find yourself occasionally hoping for it all to be over, skipping straight over the wedding to the domestic bliss that lies waiting on the other side. The key to surviving the mayhem of wedding planning is a bit of preparation, delegation, and a whole lot of self-care. Don’t rip your hair out or give up just yet, give some of these things a go first.

Wedding Planner Book

It’s all about the lists

Any lover of lists will sing their praises to you until they’re blue in the face, but when you’re faced with such a huge task as wedding planning, with so many different things to consider, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start them before you even met the love of your life. When you keep lists, everything is on paper, rather than clogging up your mind. You can go to bed knowing you’ll never forget any crucial details because it’s all in your trusty list. Add to it as you go, feel the immense satisfaction of successfully completing a task, and sleep easy knowing you’ve got everything under control. Keep a little black book in your handbag, full of lists – and lists of lists – and you’ll feel like a whole new woman.

Take time for yourself

When it’s all go go go it’s so important to take some time for yourself, either with your girlfriends, or just completely alone. Wedding planning can become consuming, so taking time away, with an embargo on any wedding gossip, is essential. A date with the spa for some brilliant massage therapy might be in order, with a glass of cold wine waiting for you afterward. Being able to clear your mind, turn off your cell, and spend some time focusing on you is essential for staying sane.

Enjoy your fiancé’s company

The problem with wedding planning is that it can become the focus of your relationship, rather than a result of it. This can put an invisible wedge between you and your fiancé, which isn’t really what you need when you’ve got the stress of planning for the first day of the rest of your lives together. Make sure you spend some time enjoying each other’s company, refusing to talk about the wedding, and having fun. Don’t let romantic gestures fall by the wayside – the best thing to get you through the stress is reminding each other why you’re doing it.

Finally, don’t be scared to delegate

Chances are, you’ll have plenty of people around you who are willing to give you a helping hand. Your parents, your girlfriends, and your partner will all, likely, take some of the stress from you, but you have to let them. You might even want to consider having a day of coordinator, if not a wedding planner, at your disposal. Don’t shy away from delegating – you don’t have to be a bridezilla, but a second opinion on the flower arrangements, or someone else calling the caterer for the zillionth time today wouldn’t go amiss.


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We get bombarded with the notion of perfection, we see what others accomplish and how they live, and we can’t help but compare ourselves to what we see. This is what leads so many of us to always second guess ourselves, to always doubt and always drive ourselves to do better without giving ourselves credit for what we’ve achieved so far. Well, enough is enough. We all have to learn some self-love and see just how better and how much more we can accomplish when we stop being so hard on ourselves.

Banana socks

Make time for yourself

When was the last time you gave yourself a chance to be happy by yourself? Break out of the cycle, shut the computer down, turn off the phone and give yourself some ‘you time’ Take yourself on a date, whether it’s going to the cinema to see a movie you’re excited about or going on a city break to place you’ve always wanted to go. Take a class and start a hobby. Get creative with no goal but exploring your own mind. Every now and then we should take a day of looking after our mood.

Stop the self-neglect

Loving yourself as you are is important, but we are all works-in-progress. No-one feels like they are ‘done’. We all recognize we have some potential, so we should neglect it because we don’t think we’re worth the time. Don’t focus on your flaws and how others might see them, but work on improving yourself for your own sake. If you don’t like your smile, look at modern dental solutions so you can feel confident in your own smile. If you want to lose weight, then find manageable solutions for your own health, not how you worry people think you look. Whatever your goals for self-improvement are, make sure that it’s about the self. That’s the key to confidence, not the perception of others.

Keep your boundaries

When your self-esteem is low, it’s all too easy to let people walk all over you. You squeeze your feelings into a little, dense ball of lead that just weighs on you from the inside. It’s time to put your foot down. This doesn’t mean being nasty, it means recognizing your boundaries. Make a list of what’s important to you and what hurts you the most. Don’t tolerate people that continuously cross those boundaries. The truth is that most people will check their behavior when they realize that it can be so personally hurtful to another. They don’t share your perspective or all of your values, so simply laying the boundaries can cause them to be more respectful and allows you have a more honest relationship with them.

As a final note, the next time you feel like being hard on yourself, talk to the person in the mirror. Treat her as if she was someone different from you. Does she really deserve kind of scorn you can show yourself? Would you say it to her? Treating yourself as well as you treat other people is the minimum we can expect from ourselves.

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