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Having a bright and sparkly pair of pearly white teeth is often sought after. It is seen as a winning formula for a great smile. For many, it can also bee seen as a sign of being healthy. As we all prefer evenly spaced white teeth over crooked teeth that are stained yellow, right? Many people take risks in the quest for the perfect smile when there really is no need to. So if you want to get teeth that any Hollywood star would be proud of, then make sure that you follow these dos and don’ts.

Do See Your Dentist Regularly

It would be like wanting to get fit and never visiting a gym; you need to see a dentist in order to make sure that you have healthy teeth. They can help you with any issues that arise with your teeth or gums. They can also give your teeth a proper clean or safely whiten your teeth for you. There are at-home whitening treatments that you could try, but you could always consult with your dentist first. They might be able to recommend the best one for you and your teeth.

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Don’t Expect Toothpaste To Do It All For You

There are so many varieties of toothpaste out on the market these days. They all claim to whiten teeth. But in reality, with a toothpaste it is only short lived. If you are someone that drinks a lot of coffee or red wine, then it will limit how much a toothpaste can whiten your teeth. Toothpaste is basically for stain removal, rather than any extra whitening. So although you should be brushing regularly each day, don’t put all your hopes on a certain brand of toothpaste.

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Do Consider a Treatment

If your teeth are in quite a bad way, then it could be worth considering a treatment for your teeth. You could think about getting your teeth professionally whitened. If your teeth are crooked or have moved since having braces, you could get braces again. Lots of adults are choosing to have clear braces later in life to straighten their teeth. You could also consider something like dental veneers if you think that would work for you.

Don’t Have Too Many Foods That Stain Teeth

If you are trying to get your teeth bright and white, then it can be rather counterproductive to be consuming lots of foods that will stain your teeth. Teeth are quite porous and absorb things fairly easily. This is especially true if you have damaged enamel and eat a lot of acidic or sugary foods. Think of a white plate or white carpet and what might cause a massive stain on them. The same would go for your teeth. So the best things to avoid are drinks like red wine, black coffee or tea, as well as sugary drinks. Smoking is renowned for making your teeth an off-white or yellow color so if you do smoke, it could be time to give it up.


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