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There’s very little about a wedding that’s easy and stress-free. Trying to pick out the right attire for the day is certainly not going to be one example! Most weddings are, to a great extent, about putting on a show and feeling glamorous for a day, so this really puts the pressure on when it comes to choosing the right dresses and accessories.

Fortunately for you, this here is an epic guide to making sure you pick the wedding attire that’s right for you on your big day! It’s something that’s worth reading well in advance to ensure you have the time to follow it and achieve the best results.

Vintage 1950s wedding dress

Begin with the dress

Don’t try to go avant-garde on us. There are a lot of good reasons why most people will pick the actual dress before anything else, and it’s not a trend you should try to buck. After all, the dress is the “main attraction” of your attire, and pretty much everything else has to be picked so as not to clash with it.

With that in mind, you also need to remember that the dress itself shouldn’t clash with you or the venue! A contemporary venue should have a contemporary dress. A more casual or outdoors-y type wedding will call for a different kind of dress. There are people out there who think that choosing the dress first of all turns it into some kind of template, instead of giving it the emotional weight that it deserves. This is nonsense. Pick the dress first, because it’s the best way to choose everything else and avoid some kind of vestiary disaster down the road!

The silhouette

There’s an overwhelming amount of choice when it comes to wedding dresses. You’re going to walk into a store and find about a million different dresses you’d love to wear, even after narrowing the range by budgeting beforehand. (Which, yes, is something you definitely need to do! Otherwise, the costs of this process may end up getting a little bit out of hand.) So you need to find more ways of narrowing your desired range so that you don’t get too overwhelmed. One of the best ways to do this is to narrow things down based on the dress silhouette.

The dress silhouette refers to the specific shapes that constitute a given dress. The lines, cuts and curves will determine what kind of shape you would take on if the lights cut out and you were simply a silhouette in that wedding dress. Put very simply, it can help determine how curvy, slender, or ‘poofy’ you look in that dress! It’s worth finding out precisely what kind of dress ‘shape’ you want – the most popular types are A-lines, ball gowns, mermaids, and trumpets. Make sure you know the differences when it comes to dress silhouettes!

Be an early bird

You should take this to mean two things. The first is that you should start looking for a dress fairly early on. Unless you plan on becoming pregnant, the chances of your body shape changing in any significant way from the time you choose the dress to the day of your wedding is fairly minimal, even if you gain or lose a little weight. So it’s best to do this as early as possible. It’s not simply a case of “getting it out of the way” – although there certainly is an element of it to that, considering how stressful choosing a dress can be! – but it’s also about allowing you more freedom when it comes to time and choice.

So what else does “be an early bird” mean? Basically, when you’re going to visit a wedding dress shop, you should go as early as possible. Think about it: the assistants who work in that store have to deal with several budding brides a day. Just like the vast majority of us, they get a little more weary as the day progresses. I’m not saying that you’re going to get some apathetic and insulting assistant if you go in the late afternoon, but you’re certainly more likely to get someone more energetic and attentive if you go in the morning!

The danger of trends

Anyone who follows fashion knows that there are trends in pretty much every type of clothing – and that includes wedding attire. There are trends in gowns, suits, jewelry, hairstyles… everything. And the problem with trends? Many of them don’t tend to look that great when you look back on them in the future. You may think that you want a modern and trendy wedding, but this doesn’t mean you should take this so far that you end up copying and pasting your wedding attire style from whatever magazine you happened to be reading at the time, or whatever celebrities recently got married.

The best kinds of dresses are truly timeless. They’re the kind that look beautiful forever and don’t immediately scream “I got this idea from someone else!”. It is, of course, worth remembering that your choice of wedding dress should reflect your own desires, and make you look and feel great. And maybe that perfect dress for you does happen to be exactly what’s trendy at the moment. Basically, be careful about choosing wedding attire just because it’s trendy – but take care not to shun something you really like just because it’s trendy!

Freshwater pearl bridal jewelry set


When we talk about accessorizing for a wedding, we’re generally talking about jewelry. Here’s something that’s important to remember: it’s possible to get more than one use of out the jewelry you choose, which is something you probably can’t say about your wedding dress! So this shouldn’t just be a case of making sure you find something that matches with your dress perfectly. You should consider picking out jewelry that you’d actually want to use for other occasions!

To some, this may imply that you should be willing to spend an awful lot of money to ensure you get something that’s beautiful, flexible, and long-lasting. Yes, you should aim for jewelry that is all three of those things, but they needn’t be too expensive. You can, for example, find wholesale diamonds for sale that will do the trick. Otherwise, you may want to consider simply renting jewelry for your wedding day. Heck, even a high-quality replica will probably do! At the end of the day, just ensure that your choice doesn’t clash with your dress and that you’re happy with it.

Avoid audiences

Think about all the wedding movies you’ve seen, and all the television shows that have featured weddings. In most of these there will have been a scene in which the bride-to-be is picking her wedding dress – and has brought approximately a bajillion friends with her. There are a lot of reasons why someone may do this: they don’t want any of their friends being left out, and they also want to get as many opinions as possible.

Here’s the problem with that: you’re just going to end up in the middle of a cross-fire of opinions! The more people you have with you, the more pressure you’re going to feel. It may ultimately be harder to pick out a dress. You should really only have one or two friends with you, at most. Don’t follow the example Hollywood sets – those scenes are there to create dramatic dialogue, which isn’t necessarily helpful in real life!

I (hair)do

When your attire has been decided, it’s worth giving some thought to how you’re going to wear your hair on the day. Fortunately for you, there’s already an in-depth guide to wedding day hairdos on this very blog!

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Being a bridesmaid is a huge honor, it means that you are very close to the bride’s heart and she wants you to be a part of her most special day. But she may not have been totally selfless in picking you to be a bridesmaid. (I know I wasn’t when I picked my girls!) In fact, she may have picked you because she wants your help and support on the day and in the run up too. So read on to find out all the way in which you can help support the bride, and make your best friends wedding the dream day that she deserves.

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Dress Shopping

Now it’s very likely that the bride will want the help of her maids when she is going through the process of choosing the dress. This is because it’s a huge decision. As a wedding dress doesn’t just represent the marriage, but the start of a whole new life for the bride, so she is going to want to get it right.

It can also be a difficult thing to get sorted, as everyone is going to have an opinion, including the bride’s mother, and mother in law to be. That is why it’s essential that she has her maids with her on her bridal dress appointments to make sure that her wishes are heard, and she isn’t drowned out by what others involved in the wedding want. I would have been devastated if my girls didn’t like the dress I picked, but I was happy when my friends gave me suggestions of what they think would work for me. Luckily, there wasn’t much of a difference!

Venue Viewing

Another way that you can be a great support to the bride as a bridesmaid is to help her with her venue search. Picking a venue can be pretty hard work, as not only does the bride have to find something that fits her budget. But she will also want a place that is large enough and fits the style she is looking for too. I picked my venue with my groom + parents, because most of my brides are out of state. However, my MOH recently came for a visit and I was lucky enough to be able to show her my venue so she knows the space we’re working with!

Of course, the final decision will be down to the bride and groom, but that doesn’t mean that as the bridesmaid you can’t attend the wedding open days at the venues, like the ones they hold at The Wood Norton. Then you can help her get a feel for the place, and get into the bridal spirit, while still leaving the final decision up to the couple that is getting married.

Decoration Creation

Lastly, a way that you as a bridesmaid can be a huge boon is to get stuck in with the helping to make the decorations for the day. Many people chose to make at least some of their own decorations for their venues and tables now. Partly because it’s much cheaper to do so, and they can still look great.

That means you may have to give an up a few nights in the weeks leading up to the wedding to make rustic dream catchers with doilies and ribbons. Or stamp out place cards and then decorate them with rhinestones.

Of course, there is nothing to say you can’t make a bit of party out of it. So get a few bottle of wine in and enjoy having a girls night. Something which the bride is sure to appreciate in the run up to tying the knot.


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Being asked to be a friend’s bridesmaid at their wedding is a true honor! You will get to go dress shopping with them to find a dreamy dress and will have a lot of responsibility on the big day. After the bride and groom, all the bridesmaids are some of the biggest players in the wedding ceremony! Not sure what you will need to do on the big day? Here are some traditional bridesmaid duties.

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Co-Host The Bachelorette Party

One of the main jobs that all the bridesmaids will have to do is organize the big bachelorette party before the wedding. Normally, it is up to the maid-of-honor to make all the big decisions for the party, such as how you will celebrate and think about venues and guests. All the other bridesmaids will be asked to help to book venues, organize food, and collect RSVP replies. This is the final party your friend will have while she’s single, so it is important that you give her the send off that she deserves!

Record All The Gifts

The bride usually asks the bridesmaids to take care of all the presents that she and her new hubby receive on the day of the wedding. Most bridesmaids decide to make a record of all the unique wedding gifts, including names of which guest gave which gift. This way, the bride, and groom will be able to send personal thank you cards to each guest. As a bridesmaid, you will also be responsible for collecting all the gifts from the guests. If there is a table set aside for presents, you can arrange them neatly on there. If not, you might have to speak to the venue owner to see if there is anywhere where you can store them until the reception is over.

Last-Minute Errands

The whole point of bridesmaids is that they help the bride with anything that she may need on her special day. So expect to be given lots of little errands to do on the day right at the last minute! These could be tasks of any shape or form. For instance, the bride might just want someone on hand to make cups of tea while she is getting her hair and makeup done. Or maybe she wants someone who can run out and take a quick message to the groom’s party. No matter what she requests, as her bridesmaid, it is your duty to see that it gets done!

Watch The Train

If the bride has chosen a wedding dress with a long train, you and all your fellow bridesmaids will be responsible for looking after it. You will need to carry it behind her when she walks down the aisle. It is also important that you bustle up the train before the bride starts dancing at the reception. Otherwise, she may end up tripping over it!

You certainly won’t be bored on your friend’s wedding day. As you can see, being a bridesmaid is a lot more than just wearing a pretty dress!

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A traditional wedding day features in the dreams of many women, but for some people, it can feel a little bit prescribed or prosaic. While you probably find the tradition of it beautiful and romantic, it’s totally normal to want to inject a bit of personality and history into the big day. Many people choose to keep the general form of the wedding traditional and bring in more modern aspects to suit their personal tastes and needs. For example, they might not choose to get married in the church, hire a wedding car, or even wear a white dress. Remember that it’s your big day, and marriage traditions are only there to provide you with guidelines when you make your plans – bringing your own personality and interests in can make the day far more intimate, romantic, and even fun. Here are some things you could try to bring some individuality to your ceremony.

Bachelorette Party Banner

Start with your bachelorette party

The wedding starts before the big day, so make sure you’re not getting carried along in decisions made by other people – your bachelorette party is the final celebration of “singledom ” and it has to represent everything that has been formative in your life. Rather than follow the usual formula of a meal and a night out clubbing, bring your own, personal interests into the planning process. Are you a fan of cocktails? Why not book yourself and the girls onto a cocktail making masterclass? If you’re a bit more outdoorsy, a day of outdoor adventure followed by a night in the club might be more your cup of tea. It’s your party, make it about you.

Short wedding dress with long sleeves

What does your dress say?

More and more women are abandoning the traditional, floor-length white wedding dress for more modern styles. Some are opting for shorter dresses – far better for dancing in after all. Some do not feel that the white dress suits them, or is appropriate, especially ladies who choose to get married a little bit older. Pastel colored wedding dresses are starting to take their place, and they still look just as stunning – in fact, in Ireland it’s normal to get married in pale blue, which is their traditional color for purity. If you’re keen on the traditional dress, go for it, but don’t allow yourself to be restricted by tradition if you’d prefer to be a bit different.

Red and Green Party Wear Silk Saree

Bring in your heritage

The exciting thing about marriage is that two people come together, bringing their different histories and heritage together too. This could be as little as two different states, but it could be as much as different continents and cultures. Allowing your heritages to shine through on the day is beautifully symbolic of two people and their cultures coming together. So if he is of Scottish descendants, get him and his groomsmen in Kilts. If you’re of Indian descent, allow elements of that to come into your food and dress choices. The eclectic meeting of cultures can create a beautiful and interesting day for everyone.

Puppy flower crown

Get your pet in on the action

If you’ve got a family pet, it can be upsetting to think of them missing out on their big day. If the venue will allow it, and you trust your beloved pet not to ruin your dress, the cake, or the wedding photos, why not let them get involved? You could have them walk down the aisle with you, carry the rings, or just be there in the photos. It’s a really cute way of making sure all the family is in on your big day, even the furry members.

Let the venue speak for you

If you’re not keen on the traditional church venue, or you’d prefer somewhere with a bit of intrigue for the reception, why not veer from the norm? Teepees, specialist caves, and even haunted mansions all offer fun venues which the guests won’t forget in a hurry. If you think the traditional type venues don’t properly represent you and your future husband, look around for something a bit different – everyone will thank you for it.

Wedding Car Ribbon and Bow Accessory Kit

Travel in style

The wedding car is the common form of transport, with some brides choosing to arrive by horse-drawn carriage if they’re feeling particularly fairy tale. But why not go even further – you don’t need to arrive by traditional means at all. If you’re a horse lover, arriving on horseback is a beautiful way to enter. If you’re a bike lover, come in on the back of a bike, or in the sidecar as your maid of honor drives. Use your entrance to embrace your own personality, and give the guests a bit of a giggle too, if that’s your sort of thing.

Galvanized Bucket

Get creative with the cuisine

The traditional three-course meal can be a really expensive, and sometimes rather boring addition to the wedding reception. If you’re both lovers of a particular cuisine, your heritage is from a country famous for its amazing food, or you just fancy something a bit different, why not branch out with the catering? You could go for a full on Texas barbecue, a good old Louisiana crawfish boil, a delicious Indian buffet, or absolutely anything else. All you have to do is ensure your venue doesn’t mind you drafting in a different caterer.

Personalized Wedding Ring Box

Make your rings together

You’ll wear your rings for the rest of time, so you want them to be special to you. Couples who forge their own wedding rings are becoming more common, and it’s not difficult to see why. When you’ve put your own hard work into the rings, they’re completely unique, just like the two of you, and they’re full of the love you share for each other. Don’t worry; you don’t have to learn the skill of metal forging – many artisan jewelers offer this service for engaged couples. You can even have them engraved with a tiny quote, the date of your wedding, or the day of your first date – is there anything cuter and more romantic?

Most of all, make it about the two of you, not the expectations of family and other guests, and just enjoy your beautiful day.

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I myself have been planning my wedding since I was a little girl. I actually emailed the National Cathedral when I was in high school to see if I would be allowed to get married there. One of my nicknames from older girls in my sorority was Bridezilla. I have been in several weddings and invited to many more and each one holds a special place in my heart. Am I alone in this- or are there other ladies out there who are total wedding fanatics like me? Not that I’m rushing into my own- Kendall and I are in no hurry- I just love all the planning and details and love that go into such a special event. If you’re like me…

Wedding Separates
  1.    You love dressing up

You love nothing better than an excuse to put on your best outfit, or better still, shop for a new even more fabulous one – and it doesn’t have to be much of an excuse either! If you’re one of those gals who won’t head out for a pint of milk without a full face of makeup and a carefully crafted ‘casual’ look – you will be in your element as a bride!

  1.    You are a fan of fairy tales

If you’ve dreamed of being a princess who gets to marry her prince and live happily ever after, you’re not alone. Most of us are brought up on a diet of fairy tales, so if you look forward to the day your prince will come and present you with a custom diamond engagement ring – you were meant to be a bride!

  1.    Dancing is your thing

If you love to dance, you’re made to be a bride. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have Beyonce’s moves down pat, just that the happiest brides enjoy being on the dance floor for at least part of the reception. If you need a little help, find out how you can teach yourself to dance, and get some practice in before the big day. With a bit of effort and planning, you could become an internet sensation with your first dance as man and wife – just like these guys!

  1.     You’re madly in love

If you’re so in love with your partner that your single friends either sigh with envy or look just a little bit sick when you gush about how wonderful he is – you’re bride material! You’re not blind to his faults, he just has so many adorable qualities that you barely even notice when he’s a little annoying. If this is the guy who has convinced you that soulmates do exist and made you look forward to the future – you have every right to want to shout it from the rooftops!

  1.     You’re ready

Aside from all the gushing, the dress, the dancing and the whole romance bit  -you’re meant to be a bride if you’re actually ready for marriage. Although your big day will of course be the most spectacular event ever, the really important bit is the time after. If you see yourself building a life with your partner that makes you both pretty happy most of the time, then you know that being a bride will be the start of something great.

It’s worth bearing in mind that there are as many different sorts of brides as there are weddings, so if it feels right – go for it! Find out here how to make your dream wedding come true.

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