The Beautiful Hidden Benefits Of Exercise

There are so many reasons why women want to exercise, especially in the build up to the summer months. Most women do it to trim their unwanted belly fat, or lose weight in general, or get their legs that little bit more toned, shape their arms more or get that six-pack they keep seeing on the covers of women’s health magazines. These are the most common reasons why, as well as health reasons because, well, heart disease doesn’t sound like much fun.

What most women don’t realize, however, are the other benefits they are reaping from doing exercise. Without even realizing it, you are eating from the buffet of beautification and it is amazing, it is part of the reason it makes our list of things you should do everyday. So, if you’re struggling with getting out of the bed and just doing your everyday exercise then we recommend that you give a little thought to these beautiful bonus benefits because they’ll make you leap from your mattress like a spring lamb.

Workout Womans Gym Tank Top

The Glow

If you’re relying on lotions and potions to make your skin glow then you are wasting your money because nothing nourishes your skin and revitalizes your look more than exercise. Seriously. Instead of putting a face mask on try going for a jog to give you skin a burst of oxygenated blood that boosts your glow instantly. Yes, running is great for your heart and health in general, but it makes you look vibrant and beautiful too.

The Ageing Process

You may be thinking to yourself, this is nothing new, and you are right. Exercise has been known to reverse the effects of aging for a long time now. But it isn’t just your mental aging process that gets a lovely turnaround, it is your physical appearance too. Yeah, we are talking about the saggy boob worry that all women worry about. Don’t worry, though, there are solutions and they include exercise. Chest press, push-ups,  arm raises; they all help strengthen your chest muscles which improve firmness and shape of your boobs. Is there any more motivation to get to the gym than knowing it is going to make your boobs look better.

The Cellulite

Exercise doesn’t just tone your legs and allow you to get that dreamy snapshot of your slim pins as a silhouette against some gorgeous sunset. Oh no. Exercise, especially activities like yoga, can actually smooth out your spongy thighs. The science is complex, but yoga basically helps lymph (the fluid that carries white blood cells, remember) flow more freely through fatty areas, which flushes out toxins and thus reduces cellulite. That is what we all want to hear, right? Ba-bye cellulite.

The Hair

Yup, yup, yup. Exercise can also give your hair that much-needed workout it needs and help you get those luscious locks you have visited many a salon to get. How can this be possible? Well, exercise improves blood flow around your body, including the blood flow to your scalp. This then works to keep your hair healthier and stronger, and it will look that way too. Not only that, but exercise has been known to punch stress in the face, and that will also help your hair look simply stunning.


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