The Best Gifts To Give To Your Pregnant Friend

I’m now at the age where my friends are having BABIES! Not just weddings… BABIES! And while it’s fun to buy your friends’ future littles cute outfits and toys, don’t forget the mamas to be too! With Mother’s Day coming up, you might want to think about mommies to be as well.

If you have a friend who’s pregnant and you see them struggling or in distress, you feel for them. Their pain becomes your pain, especially if you’re really close with each other. You should always try to find time to catch up with them, because sometimes during pregnancy it can feel like they’re suffering alone. So you’re there to talk to them, but what happens when you hug and say goodbye? They carry on, the same way you found them.

The discomfort levels of pregnancy rise around five months as the baby is now growing its vital organs. This means that the baby will want more and more food energy and will put strain on the mother’s immune system. The bump will get larger and larger, and the aches and pains will increase with it. So here are some thoughtful tips and gifts your friend will really appreciate.

Pistachio Pedestal

Comforting gifts

Imagine, the first thing you feel when you wake up is a painful swirl in your stomach. You feel nauseous, your sinuses are hot, your body feels fatigued, and you feel like you’re going to vomit.  Morning sickness can ruin your day even before its begun. Vitamin B6 helps to stave off morning sickness and queasiness, although no one really knows why. It’s found in most nuts, but some nuts have more than others. The main ones are pistachio nuts, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, and almonds. You can find these nuts in the store, sold as mixed bags and some stores sell them in trail mix form. Crush them up and give them to your pregnant friend. Tell her to mix them into a bowl of porridge and eat it them at night before she goes to bed. This should alleviate her morning sickness symptoms and stop her from feeling so wretched.

Women’s Patricia Green ‘Glam’ Scuff Slipper

Pregnancy can do some strange things to your body. Some women’s feet become swollen, and it can be painful just to walk around. During this discomforting period, unless your friend anticipated this, they won’t have any footwear that will fit them. So, buy her some pure cotton or 100% wool slippers to wear around the house. Make sure you figure out her new size before you get them made, else they won’t be of any use like the rest of her footwear.

As the baby inside her grows, so does its appetite and need for nutrients. This she gets from the mother, so make sure to tell your friend to eat for two people rather than one. Sometimes pregnant women suffer from regular headaches, and some even get prolonged migraines. Medically, it’s not recommended that the mother-to-be takes Aspirin or Paracetamol as these drugs could damage the baby. Instead, buy your friend acetaminophen. This medication cures a headache, but keeps the child within the womb safe.

Motherlode Motherlove Pregnant Belly Salve – 4 oz

Caring gifts

Your friend will balloon up during the final few months of their pregnancy before they go into labor. The skin around the tummy can become dry and because it’s constantly being stretchedand distorted, stretch marks can appear on the area. Head over to where you can read about the best products that get rid of the appearance of stretch marks. After the pregnancy is over, this gift will come in super handy and help your friend from being self-conscious about the way they look. This kind of cream deals with healing skin scars, which will also appear on pregnant women’s’ feet. So your friend can substitute a cream that is used on the stomach, for cracked heals on soles of the feet.

Pregnancy support belts are designed to relieve back pain due to the weight of the child on the mother. This is something very common among pregnant women, so think ahead and buy your friend a support belt. Left unchecked the spinal pain can quickly move to the pelvis. The pelvic area of the body is where the arteries, veins, and nerves travel through and into the legs. Server back pain can immobilize some women completely to the point where they need assistance just to get around. Your friend will love you for buying them this lifesaver.

Asstd National Brand Boomerang Multi-Position Pillow

Practical gifts

As aforementioned, during pregnancy, a lot of pressure can be put on the mother’s back. This curves the spinal column, and that can lead to neck pain. Buying your friend a personal inflatable pillow will relieve joint pain in the neck area. Consequently, this also cuts the chances of getting a headache because the pillow provides comfort, but support as well. And, quite frankly, the less pain your friend is in, the less stress they will be in. Mental health is just as important for a new mom and their baby’s physical health.

Just because your close friend is pregnant, doesn’t mean they can’t look their best. As female hormones are shooting out of control in the middle and at the end of the 9-month journey, a woman’s skin can be very sensitive. Your friend might inflame their skin by putting on normal makeup, but there are lighter foundation powders which aren’t likely to do this. Pregnant women find their skin is unpredictable from one day to the next. One day it might be dry, the other it might be oily, or itchy or inflamed and swollen somehow, etc. So a lighter powder gives the skin room to breathe unlike a typical medium texture power would.

Your friendship will simply boom if you give them these gifts. Don’t let your friend suffer alone, show them you care. It’s all well and good to give them a hug and while they may be stuck at home unable to go out in public because it’s too uncomfortable, by giving these gifts you help them out in the long run. Some of these gift ideas like the slippers and the stretch mark creams will come in handy post-pregnancy as well.

Headaches can’t be talked to and swollen feet can’t be hugged away. A practical solution to an emotional problem is sometimes the only solution.

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