They all say “Darling, what did you do for those pearls?”

A girl and her pearls: a love story.

I mean, seriously, can you think of a more timeless accessories that can come in all shapes and sizes? I have a nice little collection: a black pearl necklace with matching earrings, my Chunky Pearl Necklace, a few long strands in a rainbow of colors, a couple classic white chokers, and The Sari c/o Pearl & Clasp.

That is to say I’m a huge fan of pearls and I have discovered a new way to rock them: on my sweaters. Now, I do think that if you’re rocking an embellished top, a necklace is not needed, so a pearl sweater may be the perfect way to jazz of  up a pair of jeans effortlessly for a casual brunch or easy date night look now that (I think it’s safe to say) that fall is really here. It’s not fussy, but still creates a look that’s more thank just jeans and a sweater. If this is a look you want to try guilt-free, great! because Shein has them at treat yo’self prices. I’m partial to the grey sweater with the rainbow sprinkle of pearls myself, but what do you think or wearing your jewelry on your clothes rather than around your neck?the carolove pearl sweaters




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