Travel bug: London

When you hear the phrase, city break, places like Paris, Barcelona, and Milan come to mind. Britain probably isn’t top of your list, if it features at all. But a city break in London has a lot to offer, it isn’t all Beefeaters and Big Ben, there’s so much more underneath. You might have to put up with a bit of bad weather, but it isn’t as rainy as everybody likes to make out as long as you go in the summer. If you’re coming round to the idea of a city break in London, here’s a quick rundown of all the main things you should know.

London Southbank and Houses of Parliament


We’ll start off with the boring stuff. Getting from place to place isn’t that exciting but you need to know where you’re going if you want to see anything. London is well-known for its extensive underground system. Get yourself an Oyster Card when you arrive otherwise you won’t be able to use it. It’s fairly cheap and very convenient, it can be a bit tricky to navigate but there are plenty of maps around if you lose your way.

Although it’s the easiest way to get around, don’t rely on the tube too much. You could miss out on a lot while you’re underground so if places are close enough, try walking so you can see more of the city. You also might want to avoid the tube during peak hours, it can get pretty cramped in there.


Your choice of accommodation will probably depend on your budget. There are plenty of hotels to choose from but if you are looking at central London, it’s going to cost you. The transport links are great so you can afford to get somewhere a bit further out. It’ll be cheaper and the savings are worth traveling a little. If you are under eighteen then you should look into homestay accommodation while you are visiting in London.


Everybody is familiar with all of the usual sights in London, but there is plenty more to see besides that. London is packed full of excellent green spaces that aren’t to be missed. Hyde Park is one of the largest but there are also plenty of smaller ones dotted about if you want to avoid the crowds.


London has a rich history that should be explored while you’re there. The main tourist attractions like the Tower of London and the Parliament building will be one aspect of this but there is more to it than that. Over the years, London has been at the forefront of world history and the remnants are still there to see today. The houses of notable figures are marked out with Heritage Plaques so you can find the sites of real historical importance.

Don’t Just Stay Central

Central London is packed with tourists, and while there is plenty to see, you can have a much more authentic experience. Places like Camden and Shoreditch are hotbeds of hipster activity if that’s your kind of thing. They’ve only become popular in the last ten years or so but already they are full of great restaurants, coffee shops and markets selling local produce.


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