Citrullus lanatus

… or watermelon. It’s funny- certain foods are only for certain times of the year. Watermelon is a summer-only food in my book. A summer-only flavor, even. I’m hoping that Mission brings back their watermelon margs for the 4th of July, but you’d never catch me drinking one in say, October. I have memories from my brief time with Girl Scouts of sitting in our leader’s backyard spitting seeds and laughing and enjoying the heat with a refreshing treat. It’s just fresh and light and, to me, not overly sweet. Kendall actually went grocery shopping solo and brought me back watermelon Perrier and it is SO GOOD. *she says as she sips it while writing this blog post*

Because watermelon is my flavor of summer, I also consider it to be a pattern or motif of summer. I’ve feature a lot of watermelon shizzz on the blog before, but I wanted to present it all in one place, plus some bonus pieces that I’ve found since.

Compania Fantastica Do Juicy What I See? Shift Dress||Be Bop Juniors’ Bandana-Print V-Hem Dress

Betsey Johnson Watermelon Slice Stud Earrings||Betsey Johnson Watermelon Slice Pendant Necklace

Vera Bradley Mini Saddle Bag||Sunnylife ~ Luxe Lie-On Float Watermelon ~ Red

Watermelon Cool It Y’all Tote|| Watermelon Cooler Tote

See By Chloe Coin Purse in Pink.||Kitsch Thanks A Melon Crossbody

Katy Perry Geli Novelty Beach Sandals||ASOS GIANT Watermelon Wellies


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