WCW: Sophie Pyle of Rosé Media

Unlike most of my #wcws, I have not actually met Sophie of Rosé Media yet, but I’ve been hearing about her for years. The first time it was from this guy who was telling me about Guest of a Guest and his friend who used to work for them and he wanted me to meet her. Then Diana from Lust Local featured her on her old blog. After reading about Sophie from Diana, I wanted to get to know her and didn’t even make the connection that they were the same person until I went to add her on Facebook and our mutual friend was that guy. Funny how that works out- DC is so small!

In Sophie’s own words:

I used to be a writer/blogger. I was the DC Editor of Guest of a guest for three years, and taking photos of everyone at every party is how I got to know so many people in the district. The DC site got allllmost a million hits a month by the time I was leaving. Now I think you know me just as the founder of Rosé Media, which manages social media profiles and designs websites for small DC businesses in the luxury space. I carved out this niche and it was a little weird at first because I had to explain to people that I absolutely did not do any PR, just social media.

In my words: Sophie is the kind of woman I aspire to be. She’s well connected, a self-starter, a boss. Plus, she’s gracious as all get-out. Like I said, we’ve never met but when I asked her for a question regarding a small business, she answered immediately and then gave me some advice for getting to where I want to be in my career (aka- running shit.) “Just do what I do and make it your side hustle before making it a full time thing.” Welp. That kind of gave me the kick I needed to ask Dani about being the community manager of Bubbles & Bloggers, getting my feet wet with a community organization in a fun way that also applies to what I want to do.

Plus she has an amazing style and a cat who went on a ride-along to Taco Bell sooo…

10 songs for a perfect sound track

Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles

Short Skirt Long Jacket by Cake

24k Magic by Bruno Mars

This Must Be The Place by Talking Heads

Stand Back by Stevie Nicks

Gooey by Glass Animals

Peanut Butter Jelly by Galantis

Suit & Tie by Justin Timberlake

How Deep Is Your Love by Calvin Harris

Bad Blood by Taylor Swift

9 words to describe you









Cynical (told you I was honest)

8 reasons that you love your life

I have friends and family who love me

I have the best fiancé in the world

I am healthy and love my body

I live in my favorite city in the world – Washington, DC

I live in an incredibly interesting time – 2017 is wild!

I can afford to enjoy experiences and eat well

I can let go of things and people that are not good for me more easily than most other people

I can sleep as much as I want!!! (I wish everyone could have my schedule!)

7 essentials in your closet

Red patent leather high heels

Dark jeans

Tory Burch flats

Little Black Dress by Project Gravitas

Kate Spade purses

Cashmere Brooks Brothers coat

VERY comfy and sometimes ugly things to lounge around in

Jumpsuits of all colors

6 non-electronic things you can’t live without

Sparkling water

The two quilts my mom has made me over the years. I figure if I am in a situation where I won’t have electronics, those will comfort me nicely.

My new house!!!

My bed

My cat, Noodle (note from Caro: I had to do some back-stalking but this picture of Noodle makes me CTFU)

Micron pens

5 people who have impacted your life

Both of my parents

Amy Argetsinger at the Washington Post

My fiancé

Reed Landry

4 places you’d like to visit

Marrakech, Maldives, Singapore, Santorini

3 unpopular opinions you have

I was madly in love with DC’s most hated bar, Smith Point, for about a decade (another note from Caro: I once fell off a table there)

I hate almonds, both their texture and flavor

I LOVE baby photos on social media. Post away, moms and dads!

2 things that scare you

Aging and cosmic insignificance

1 quote to live by

Everyone is dealt a hand of cards in life and we must play them as best as we can. It does you no use to be jealous of someone else’s better cards, nor does it if hold yourself back because you feel guilty about your strengths you were born with or worked hard to achieve.


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