Rose gold wedding

I have been talking about my wedding since… well probably since I could talk. It’s always been navy, always been yellow, and it used to have blush as an accent color. Not much has changed about the overall look that I wanted- clean, crisp, not overdone, not stuffy- but a few things are really just not for me anymore.

First of all, I used to imagine all my bridesmaids in yellow babydoll dress and cowgirl boots. I’m not really sure what I was thinking with that one because yellow is such a hard color to get right for folks skin tones and my girls are all over the map with that. I’ve also always wanted a city wedding so I’m not knocking the boots (I LOVE my boots) but it wouldn’t work.

Then, I’d dream of getting married at the National Cathedral. I even wrote them an email explaining why before I went away to college. For those of you who don’t know, you have to fall into certain specifications that include going to one of their schools, working there, or donating a certain amount. While technically I didn’t go to a Cathedral school, my school, St. Andrew’s, was highly connected to the Cathedral as a DC area Episcopalian school. We started our year with a service there and that’s also where we graduate from. I was also confirmed there and my children’s choir sang there. It’s one of my favorite places in the city. However, Kendall and I went to a Sunday service there and it just didn’t give us the warm fuzzies. There’s also and issue of size- our wedding is too big for a chapel, too small for the knave (the main church). So we’re looking to get married at a more regular-sized Episcopal church in the city.

The last bit that’s really changed for me is that I’ve upgraded from blush accents to rose gold. (If you’re looking to learn a bit more about this gorgeous metal, Sahra did a great post.) My engagement ring is rose gold and, honestly, we started really going rose gold for the wedding when I was looking at invitations and Kendall told me I needed something more shimmery (to match my personality, God love him). Enter Minted with their foil-pressed wedding invitations. While we’re not doing everything rose gold, we are using it as our accent instead of blush. I’m also not sharing anything that I personally have picked because I want to surprise my guests and, in some cases, Kendall, these are all pieces I considered and love.

Josephine Wedding Invitations||Thrilling Placecards||Thrilling Table Numbers||Rose Gold Bridal Sash||Rose Gold Bridal Bouquet||Sequined Alana Dress||Rose Gold jewelry Set||Step in the Right Expression Vegan Heel||Ted Baker London Glitter Bow Clutch – Metallic


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