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One of the best parts of Bubbles & Bloggers is the fact that we support our own bosses in their entrepreneurial endeavors. A couple weekends ago, we had a Shop The City meetup to check out and support a relatively new business venture by our friend and member Sahra. It’s exactly how what it sounds like- a shopping tour of some amazing local spots. I won’t spoil it for you- go on the tour and see it for yourself! We started on 14th Street, hitting up some spots I’ve heard up but had never been to, which was pretty awesome. After a brief(ish) stop to take pictures in front of the totes-appropes WORK IT GURL mural (where I quick-changed into my new rose gold skirt in the parking lot), we hopped in our own private bus and headed to Georgetown. We saw a few boutiques there before a massive storm hit and we ran to the Graham for Amanda’s Whistle & Wild popup and Marisa’s mini styling session.

Really late in the game, Dani thought it might be fun to pop a Sex and the City theme on our day. B&B usually themes our events, and this theme made a lot of sense for a day of shopping with lady-friends. I’m not sure if I totally nailed it, but Dani said I was a Carrie Diaries version of Carrie Bradshaw. I’ll take it! What do you think?

Yes, I got this skirt while shopping.

photos by Sarah

Outfit details:

Sunnies: Betsey Johnson||Asymmetric Acrylic Bar Pendant: BaubleBar||Top: Macy’s||Striped Skirt: Loft Outlet||Rose gold skirt: Current Boutique||Backpack: Betsey Johnson||ECENTRCQ sneakers: Steve Madden

Recreate my look:







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One Response to Shop the City

  1. Glenny says:

    loving the outfits you picked out!! glad that you’re supporting local businesses I’m all for it 😉