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When summer is on the way, it’s the perfect time to gather your girlfriends and go on a shopping spree. After all, the weather is hotting up and trips to the beach or weekends away in the sun are likely to be on the cards, and you’ll want to ensure that you have lots of cute outfits to see you through the season.

Lilly Inspired Preppy Monogram Tunic

A lot of ladies worry about their summer wardrobes, not really sure what they should be buying to look and feel their best when the weather is warmer, but it’s actually pretty easy to get it right, providing you know the following:

Buy Larger Shoes

It might sound odd, but one thing that women who are used to hot weather can all agree on is that you need to buy shoes that are at least half a size bigger than you would usually wear if you plan to wear them a lot in the summer. This is important because the summer heat causes feet to swell, and if your shoes are a perfect fit, there’ll be no room to accommodate this, causing nasty blisters and sores when you should be enjoying yourself.

Stick to Natural Fabrics

If you want to avoid looking and feeling like a hot, sweaty mess, then you really need to stick to natural fabrics like cotton and linen, avoiding poly-blends and synthetic materials, when shopping for your summer wardrobe. I know synthetic fast-fashion items are more affordable, but for the most part, they just aren’t breathable, and with a few exceptions, like Anthony’s chic resort dresses and sundresses, they will make you feel more uncomfortable at the height of summer’s heat. So, you may have to just suck it up and buy fewer pieces of higher-quality if you want to feel fresh and comfy and look fabulous this summer season.

Loosen Up

Another way to stay cool and keep yourself from getting too hot and sweaty is to choose looser garments. If you’re wearing a dress that is long and flowing and which keeps most of the material off your body, you’re obviously going to sweat less than you would if you had lots of fabric clinging to your body. So, keep those form-fitting dresses for the evening when it’s a bit cooler and go for loose, natural clothing during the day.

Customizable sunhats

Always Have a Hat and Scarf on Hand

When it comes to accessories, in the summer less is more because the more jewellery and clothing embellishments you have close to your skin, the hotter you will get, but you should always make an effort to carry a cute wide-brimmed hat and light chiffon scarf around with you. That way, when it gets too hot, you can out on the hat, or if you feel like you need more coverage, you can drape a scarf over your shoulders, and you will look even more fantastic.

Choose Light Colors

Summer is the perfect season to wear whites and pastel colors. Not only do they fit the season perfectly, but they also reflect the heat rather than absorbing it, helping you to feel cooler and fresher.

What are your top tips for staying cool and looking great in the summer?


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Among the many and inspiring fashions for the spring/summer season, it is impossible not to have spotted the super bright trends that are taking over the catwalks like a rainbow on a dull day. Color is everywhere, and everything can become a bold and bright accessory to mark your love for colors. Because, if we are honest, it is difficult not to love colors. Of course, a full-on bright fashion trend is not for everyone – it’s tricky to feel confident enough to pull out some of the catwalk’s looks – but it doesn’t mean that you should be happy in a world of neutrals and dull colors. After all, 50 Shades of Gray was never a reference for the fashion that women love to wear every day. We, ladies, are not boring, and therefore we should totally embrace this bright wave of positivity that is spreading through the fashion world. Thankfully, fashion is a wonderful thing: You can use smart accents, accessories and beauty styles as well as clothes to create your own sense of fashion. In short, if you’re not one to wear a bright yellow dress, that’s fine. Maybe a bright belt will do the trick just as nicely. Let’s have a look at how you can best let the colors into your world.

White Pom Pom Cardigan

So Much Choice

For a start, they are more colors that we have words for them. In truth, there is even such a thing as a shade of paint called dead salmon, so you can imagine that designers have come up with more colors than we can name. Therefore, it can be a little overwhelming at first to pick the most suitable color for your personality – unless you already have favorite colors, of course. As silly as it might sound, sometimes all you need is to identify with the energy of a color scheme to know what’s right for you. Sounds complicated? Imagine that each color is associated with a personality trait, such as vermilion for people who are warm, helpful and welcoming, for example. Your choice of colors often says something about you, even if it only unconsciously. So it can be helpful to find out what people think of different color schemes so that you’re not sending the wrong message.

Colorful Accessory That Goes With Nothing And Everything

The easiest and quirkiest way to embrace the bright fashion is to pick a fashion accessory that is out of the ordinary. For example, you can have a look at colorful jewelry, such as the custom-made bracelet from the Kendra Scott color bar. This could be your bright fashion accent. When you pick a colorful accessory, it’s likely that it will not always be fully coordinated with the rest of your clothes. But it is exactly what the bold, colorful fashion trend is about. So be brave and don’t be afraid of clashing. If you are naturally shy, pick a small accessory, such as a bracelet, a pair of earrings, or a belt. If you are feeling more confident, go bold and look for a bright and joyful handbag or a pair of bright pink or green shoes.

Simple Colorful Everyday Item

Not everyone likes the idea of changing their style to embrace a new fashion trend, however appealing it might be. But you don’t need to change your wardrobe to go bright. If you are a gadget lover, you can find plenty of brightly colored high-tech gear online – check first for discounted prices online via DontPayFull.com, though – from a step-counter to an activity-tracker for fitness enthusiasts, or maybe the latest smartphone model in blue, red, or gold if you’re not into fitness. You can bring colors to your world without breaking the bank with bright and playful covers for your IT gadgets. In short, just because you want to roll on with the color fashion, it doesn’t mean that you should be buying a brand new wardrobe. You can use colorful everyday items that are not part of your outfit too. After all, fashion is what you make of it.

That One Piece Of Clothing You Need

It may seem tricky to bring bright fashion into the workplace if you want to introduce colorful clothes, but you can be playful while staying decent. The easiest way to add a touch of color without going against the dress code is to pick one colorful item, let’s say a skirt, and to combine it with a formal blouse. Or if you want to brighten up your wardrobe in a simple and effective way, you can have a look for one colorful cardigan or a bright pair of shoes. Thus you can stick to a formal business outfit, such as the classic little black dress, and avoid any negative comment from the management or the HR department.

A Bold Hairstyle To Brighten Up The Day

If you are lucky enough to add a bright pop of color to your everyday lifestyle without fearing from being reprimanded by your boss, do seize the opportunity to dye your hair. Current trends are varying from a playful dip and dye hairstyle in delightful green, blue, pink and purple tones, to a full-on rainbow head, such as seen on TheRightHairstyles.com. The effect goes from edgy to funky, and it’s up to you – and your hairdresser – what you pick. Although there are a few things to remember: Purple shades are better suited for dark hair, while pink, mermaid, and orange are better for blondes. However, with a bit of magic and a lot of careful treatment, you can get away with almost any color on your head.

Why Do You Need Colors?

Finally, it’s worth asking ourselves why colors are so important in the current fashion trend. In reality, colors have always been important, because they affect the brain and the mind in different ways.  For example, blue is naturally associated with space and calm, while red is a passionate color that indicates love and affection. People react emotionally to colors, and their presence can lift your mood significantly. In short, while you may not need to ditch the classic black dress, but you should add a touch of sentiment to it.

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You can’t pinpoint a stylist’s style. They may follow a fashion trend every so often, but most of the time, they come up with their own unique outfits and look ideas. One thing is for sure though; they always look amazing! Here’s your guide to dressing like a stylist so you can make sure all of your outfits are on point!

Women’s Hinge Texture Stitch Open Cardigan

Experiment With Textures

One thing you’ll notice about pretty much every stylist, is that their outfits are full of amazing textures. This stops them from looking samey and boring, especially if they are wearing an outfit predominantly of one color. For example, an all black outfit could look boring if no texture is used. Experiment with all kinds of different materials and textures in your outfits to keep them looking interesting and full of style.

Women’s Caslon Layer Look Drawstring Neck Tunic

Practice Layering Your Outfits

Layering your outfits is another key to keeping it interesting. The great thing about layering, is that it’s great for transitional weather when you’re not sure what you should be wearing. You can easily add layers or take them away as the weather changes. It can take a little practice to get this right, but you will get the hang of it in no time. When layering, it’s a good idea to experiment with hem lengths and things like that too.

Ted Baker London Kerstin Patent Leather Crossbody Bag – Pink

Always Accessorize

You should never dress without considering what accessories you’re going to wear. Accessories help to enhance your outfit. Make sure you have a selection of accessories to choose from, from evening bags to necklaces. You can then choose accessories that make your outfit pop.

Gemma cap-toe flats

The Trick To Making Any Outfit Look Great

Did you know that there’s a little trick to making any outfit look great? You could be wearing jeans and a t-shirt, or a plain dress, but this trick will always work. Choose a smart pair of shoes, a luxurious looking bag, and a pair of nice sunglasses. They can be any style and color of course, but black will go with anything. Try it and you won’t believe what a difference it can make to your outfits!

Moschino Heart Leather Belt

Belt Up

The right belt can make an outfit look more pulled together. It can make even the plainest of outfits look amazing, and give you a bit of shape to boot. Skinny belts and thick belts work; it’s all down to what you prefer and suits your shape best.

Tan Leopard & Plaid Contrast Button-Up

Never Mix More Than 2 Prints Or 2 Clashing Colors

Stylists seem to be amazing at mixing prints and clashing colors. But there’s a rule if you want to start doing this. You shouldn’t mix more than 2 prints at once, or more than 2 clashing colors. By sticking to the rule of 2, you’ll be able to rock just about any look with ease!
Dressing like a stylist might take some practice, and you might even need to reassess your wardrobe to incorporate some better pieces, and get rid of those you don’t wear. However, it shouldn’t be long before your outfits are worthy of their own Instagram account!


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The above post may contain affiliate links and I may receive compensation if you click on any of the above links and/ or make a purchase from those links. Opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that I love!