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Wanting to look absolutely perfect is one sure-fire way to feel miserable. This can breathe life into the bad habit of thinking you’re not what you should be. Despite what modern media and marketing would have you believe, happiness is not a body shape. If you don’t escape this mindset, you may shed a few pounds, but you’ll also make yourself pretty miserable! Here are some great tips for loving your body, and yourself as a person.

Social Media Detox

Take a Break from Social Media

One of the most effective ways to feel happier in your body is cutting down the time you spend on social media. While there’s a lot on there, social media often ends up being just a highlight reel of other women, and not much else. You’ll rarely see tough times and the stories of how women overcame them. Instead, you’re much more likely to be bombarded with perfect abs and exquisite home-cooked meals. This, in turn, can lead to you comparing your own life to these superwomen, and thinking about it negatively. Try cutting back on the time you spend on social media, or unfollowing accounts that tend to get you down about your own situation.

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Trade Stressy Cardio for a Morning Walk

Hardcore cardio is very popular with adult women who are looking to lose weight. While setting your alarm early and going for a run is always a slower process than a trip to clinics like the Bel Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery, many women see this as the more natural, accessible option. However, it’s not always a positive. While it’s good to want to be a healthy weight, starting your day off with the blare of an alarm and a strenuous run can often kick up a lot of unhealthy stress. Subbing it out for a more peaceful walk can make all the difference to how you feel for the rest of the day.

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Get a Date, a Pet or Both

Seeing someone or taking care of an animal can help tremendously with your overall mood, regardless of your weight loss and beauty goals. Getting to know someone on an intimate level will allow you to talk about your goals and dreams, all the while getting a look into the lives of another person. As you realize how little you think about another person’s (or animal’s!) weight and eating habits, you’ll become less conscious of your own. There’s a handy guide for getting yourself out there on Your Tango.

Dress for Now

Are you still holding onto the swimsuit you had when you were a size 4, hoping that you’ll fit into it again one day? If clothes like these are hanging in your wardrobe, acting as constant reminders of your weight loss goals, it may be time to ditch them. Filling your closet with clothes for now, not clothes for then, will make you much more satisfied with your current body, and cut out one of the many harmful reminders that things “need” to change.

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It’s the most important question you will ever ask someone, and their answer will either comprise of some of the sweetest or the most heartbreaking words you’ll ever hear. Proposing isn’t easy, for both the man and the woman, but very few of the things that really matter in life ever are, so you want to try to make the moment itself as magical as you can.

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Do Make It Special

Try to incorporate those activities you love doing together so if you enjoying diving why not propose underwater or out on the dive boat? Whatever you choose to do make it personal, unique and relevant to your interests as well as who she is as a person. Need some inspiration? Take a trip down memory lane and recreate some emotional moments such as the first date, first kiss, and the first time you said you loved them in your relationship. Remember, not everyone loves being in the spotlight and often the most romantic moments in our lives aren’t ever meant to be witnessed by anyone else.

Don’t Try To Be Cool

Just because everyone says you should propose at a cool restaurant, On Valentines Day or surrounded by candles on the beach doesn’t mean you should. In years to come, you’ll want to be able to visit the place where your lives together actually started, and things change, businesses fold or get rebranded, and hot new nightspots take their place. Try to pick somewhere you know will pass the test of time like a natural beauty spot, a historical monument or building or a national landmark that is unlikely to be removed.

Do Check You’re On The Same Page

Marriage is a big deal, and if your partner has been busy focusing on school, their career or even trying to find a new home now may not be the best time. However, if you’re thinking about proposing you should know whether now is a good time or not. Before taking the next step in your relationship you should have at least had a couple of conversations with them about the future, expectations of marriage and if any children are on the cards.

Don’t Propose Empty Handed

While a spontaneous, spur of the moment declaration might seem romantic in reality it’s not and could leave your partner feeling like you were pressured into it, it was last minute, or even worse that they’re an afterthought and barely worth thinking about. A beautiful, sparkly engagement ring like one from Verragio will help to seal the deal, and it’s a wonderful way to round off a thoughtful, impassioned speech about why you love them.

Do Let Family Know Before Social Media

Tradition says that you should ask for the bride’s father’s permission for her hand in marriage before you go down on one knee. However, it’s now 2017, not 1917 and many women feel like this gesture’s become outdated. Did she say yes? Make sure you either phone or visit both sets of parents in person to share the happy news before plastering your feeds with pictures, ring emoji’s and ‘blessed’ status updates.

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