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It may sound silly, but sometimes there’s nothing like that perfect pair of jeans that really emphasize my butt to give me a little confidence boost. We all spend ages searching through clothes racks to find that one item of clothing that shows off our best feature and makes us feel like we could strut down the street without a care in the world.

Whether you’re a jeans and t shirt type of girl, or you like to rock the summer dresses, we all have the one outfit that helps us roar. I know there is all sorts of advice out there for body types, but I think it’s important to focus on what makes you feel good.

Free People La Brea V Neck Sweater

Some girls like to draw attention to their cleavage, so v-neck, scoop neck or sweetheart neckline shirts and dresses are definitely the best way to emphasize these features. Wrap dresses work really well for this because they tie in at the waist and they make the breasts stand out. No matter what you’re wearing, the key to highlighting the chest is using bold colors. They will draw attention to your chest, while horizontal stripes will make them look bigger. You can also use accessories to attract attention to your neckline and, by association, your cleavage.

Women’s Halogen Scalloped Lace Pencil Skirt

Other women might not feel so great about drawing attention to their rear, but there are many ways to naturally enhance this area, including, but not limited to, butt enhancement cream. Sometimes the best way to make your butt look bigger is to emphasize your waist with a slim-fitting dress, but high-waisted or stretch-fabric jeans are your best friends. They stretch over your bum, lifting and shaping it, instead of just falling over it and making it look flat. Same thing with skirts; a straight or A-line silhouette skirt will sculpt itself to your butt’s natural shape and make it pop. You don’t have to wear really short skirts to emphasize your butt if doesn’t make you comfortable. You can achieve the same effect with long trousers or a knee-length pencil skirt.

Women’s Socialite Ruffle Sleeve T-Shirt Dress

Legs are another feature that get a lot of attention, and whether yours are long or average there is always a time to show them off. This is another situation where high-waist clothes are your friend, making your legs look like they start high on your body, no matter how long they actually are. You can have a lot of fun experimenting with jeans, skirts and shorts before you decide what makes you feel comfortable and fabulous. Summer, in particular, is when your legs will be out on display. This year, you could also try wearing cute t shirt dresses or A-line frocks as well as shorts. Combined with a pair of sandal wedges, this look will have you and your legs turning a lot of heads.

Finally, no matter your body shape, you must never forget to emphasize your smile. Your confidence is reflected in your big smile.

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Originally posted on Little Bitty City One 3/8/16

Remember last week or whenever how it got nice? And then it freaking SNOWED at the end of the week? And it wasn’t even nice snow it was gobs of slush. Gross. I was so ready for the week to end already and that was just the ice(ing) on the cake.

Anyway, I guessss it’s ok because it gave me a chance (maybe my last one of the season) to rock my Topshop from Nordstrom leopard fur coat (last seen here). I wanted to be both cozy and cute as I slid into the weekend and I think I got this.

Now, let’s talk weekend essentials. You know I love a good backpack, but the one I got last year was a little small. Hi gorgeous Eddie Borgo for Target Backpack in Thunder. The backpack so nice that my mom bought me the same one. And if you’re constantly on the go like me, you probably have a snack or two in your bag. When Myprotein asked if I could try some of their products, I jumped at the chance. I ordered Protein Cookies in white almond, Protein Chox in caramel nut, and their 100% peanuts peanut butter. I’ll be honest, the cookies were a little too almond-y for me, it was almost overpowering. And I could really taste whatever extra protein was in it. But the chox were great! They taste like a heartier snickers and are definitely better for your if you’re like me and have a 3:30 in the afternoon chocolate craving. The peanut butter? On apples, one of my favorite snacks/ deserts.

How do you get ready for the weekend?


Overlapped triangles earrings c/o ezra||Similar leopard coats here, here, here||Eddie Borgo for Target Backpack in Thunder||Similar knit scarves here, here, here||Similar raw quartz necklaces here, here, here||Wine sweaters here, here, here||Vegan Leather Tuxedo-Stripe Leggings (very similar)||OTK boots here, here, here

Thank you to Myprotein + ezra for the gifted goodies in the post. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you to my readers for supporting the businesses that support LBC1!


Originally posted on Little Bitty City One

I think the worst part of seasonal transitions (besides the allergies) is trying to figure out how the heck to dress. When I put this outfit on last week, it wasn’t because it was perfect planned. It was a happy accident after standing in front of my closet in silence for approximately 20 hours and trying on several million combinations or skirts and tops and tights and boots. That may be an exaggeration- but this was at least the third outfit that I attempted. I was pretty happy with it.

The coat actually made its debut last year, but I upgraded the buttons to a tortie/ gold combo and it just feels way more lush. If there has been an upside to this drawn-out winter, it’s that I’m actually getting to wear the coats that I couldn’t when, you know, it was 75 degrees on Christmas.


Pearl studs||Black pearl choker||Blush coats under $100 here, here, here||similar sweater here||similar skirts here, here||similar sunnies here||Oversized Fabric Bow Belt||Black booties here, here, here||Gia bag c/o [use code LBC1 for 25% off]



Last week, I brought you my gifts for guys. This week, I’m showing love to my GALentines. Before our girl Leslie Knope made it popular, I was hosting little dinners for my best gal-pals in high school around Valentine’s Day. My family has belonged to Montgomery Country Club since I was in kindergarten, and they always helped me set up the cutest events- big or small. For this particular dinner, we bought in balloons + decor, plus they made us a special, personalized menu.

Not saying you have to go all out and host a dinner, but I do think it’s important to remember the ladies who make a positive impact on your life- supporting, uplifting, and generally making your world a brighter place. I know that Valentine’s Day is often dismissed as being created by card + candy companies, but I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again- there is nothing wrong with any day that is marked by the message of love.

1.Sugarfina Champagne Bears Gummy Candy||2.Diptyque Eau Rose Eau de Toilette, 100 mL||3.Jolene Vegan Saddlebag w/ Chain Detail

4.Quay Cherry Bomb Sunglasses||5.KAYU Cheers Herringbone Straw Clutch||6.Women’s Baublebar Crispin Drop Earrings

7.Clinique ‘Chubby Stick’ Moisturizing Lip Color Balm – Bountiful Blush||8.Women’s Baublebar ‘Globe’ Multistrand Beaded Necklace

9.Women’s Echo Strawberry Print Silk Scarf||10.Women’s Topshop Tokyo Blossom Tee||11.Happy Plugs Rose Gold Earbuds

12.Federica Moretti Knit Beanie w/ Nylon Bow||13.Women’s Topshop Dip Dye V-Neck Sweater||15.Tory Burch Logo & Heart Charm Key Fob, Pink

Back in my Pier 1 days, I scooped up just as many hours as possible. When the Connecticut Ave store near UDC asked my Gaithersburg store for some backup man-power, I jumped at the chance to help out for the extra hours. I ended up really loving that location, so when they went out of business I was not only thrilled to help them out, but also sad that they were going to be gone.

Apparently, that’s about how customers felt as well. A lot of regulars came in, of course to take advantage of amazing savings, but to express their sadness over the sweet store closing. Yes, Pier 1 is a huge national brand, but each location definitely has its own personality.

Then you had your people who clearly didn’t think before they spoke- “It’ll be so nice when this block is torn down for new condos blah blah blah.” Although Pier 1 was relocating the employees if they had interest in doing that, I’m not sure if it was considered that this store was someone’s livelihood and work family being upended. Not to mention, we were working 12 hours days. It was SO hard to run around (with furniture) while being told “I can’t wait for something new to go in here but can I have an extra $100 off this dining table that’s already 75% off?”

I guess what I’m saying is that when you’re shopping a going out of business sale, it’s totally fine if you’re excited for deals, but remember to be kind to the overworked, exhausted, and probably a little freaked out about their future employees. But by all means, take advantage of those sales. I did…

I’m sure many of you know that The Limited had to file Chapter 11th bankruptcy around Christmas.  My mom and I wandered in to the Montgomery Mall location when we saw the sale signs, just to peek. I’d never really shopped their before, but within 5 mins I had a stack to try on in the dressing room. Thing fring-y white sweater was one of those pieces, and honestly, I was not expecting it to work as well as it does. I also ended up with a belt, two velvet dresses, and a couple of Christmas goodies for Mama D. #noragrets

Obviously, I couldn’t link the actual sweater, so I have sever white fringe sweaters linked below.

If you are going to shop a going out of business sale, please remember these things:

  • Try on everything (or, in Pier 1’s case) make sure you want it- sales will be final. Don’t pretend to ignore this.
  • The employees are likely working OT and really, really tired.
  • “The back” is not a magical haven where they have everything you want. “The back” is where employees might grab a snack or check their phone when you insist they look for something they know is not in stock.
  • The employees probably do not know much beyond what the public knows. We took to making up answers when asked if/ where the new location of DC Pier 1 would be.
  • This goes for every time you interact with someone at a st0re- just be nice! Remember that while employees are there to help you, they don’t special powers that make things cheaper, returns easier, or stock more plentiful.

A couple more items of note about this outfit: my quilted leggins are from Denmark! My mom brought them back and, for the life of me, I cannot remember the name of the store! But they’re the thickest, warmest leggings ever! And the shoes are kid-sized.

the carolove white fringe sweater the carolove white fringe sweater the carolove white fringe sweater the carolove white fringe sweater the carolove white fringe sweater the carolove white fringe sweater the carolove white fringe sweater the carolove white fringe sweater the carolove white fringe sweater the carolove white fringe sweater the carolove white fringe sweater the carolove white fringe sweater the carolove white fringe sweater

Outfit details:

White fringe sweater: The Limited||Vest: How to Live LBI||The Sari Necklace c/o Pearl & Clasp||Alice bag c/0 Urban Expressions {use code CLOVE25 for 25% off your Urban Expressions purchase}||Mixed Plaid Scarf: Urban Outfitters||Girls’ Betseyville Pam Western Boots: Target

White fringe sweaters: