Valentines for him

Ok ladies and gentlemen, we have one more day of this idiot cold long month before we head into February. It’s love month, y’all!

photo by Darrell McDavid

Let me take a sec to brag about all the reasons Kendo deserves to be spoiled this month (besides the fact that his birthday is the weekend before Valentine’s Day).

First of all, let’s not forget the proposal. That is the biggest gift anyone could ever give me and the stuff of fairy tales and legends. I cannot wait to tell our kids that their pops gave me the coolest proposal on the planet.

But that was one day. Everyday he proves how much he loves me. When I’m a dragon to him, he brushes it off and tells me I’m an angel when I’m still apologizing two days later. When I cough, he brings me tea. I literally get tucked in at night with my Little Pillow because I go to bed before him. I just got a new phone and my old alarm clock wasn’t working so he’s been setting his own for me, even though he could probably sleep an extra two hours. When I tell him I don’t feel like myself or that I’m sad, he will literally force it out of me why so we can talk about it. He doesn’t let me shut down or turn off, which is a coping mechanism that I used for far too long after my sister died. I would keep things bottled up until I explode and he’s working with me to try and make it so I don’t get to that point. He’s patient, loving, sweet, and selfless.

Last night, I came home sore and kind of crampy and exhausted because my boss was out and I was only major travel arrangement duties at work all day. He had my comfy clothes waiting for me, set me up for a nice hot shower, and made me a cup of tea for when I got out. (And watched my phone in case one of my guys called with a travel emergency.)

I get to marry him. It’s a privilege.

I could go on and on but the reason you’re reading this post is probably for the Valentines for him roundup so…


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