Treat yourself in the new year

I think many women love to hit the stores to check out the latest trends, spend a little money and pamper themselves with new things. Of course, the new year is a great time to get your hands on some bargains or treat yourself to some things to help you with those all-important new year’s resolutions. On the subject of those, I thought now would be a great time to share with you some of the fabulous things you could get your hands on in the new year. Maybe it will inspire you to hit the shops yourself in the next few weeks.

Skinnydip Drank All My Money Iphone 7 Case

The latest gadgets

Who doesn’t love a new gadget? Whether it’s the latest smartphone, music sharing device or just something to watch those box sets on during a cold winter’s night, January is the perfect time to get your tech fix. Perhaps you’ve had your eye on the latest iPhone 7, or maybe a new television for your living room. A great tip is to look online to work out where the best deals are. If you are comfortable purchasing online then make sure you take advantage of cashback sites or discount codes for an even better deal. On high priced items like gadgets can be, you can save quite a lot if you shop savvy.

A new watch

Maybe a new year resolution for you is to be on time more, or accountable for your productivity throughout the day so a nice January purchase for you could be a new watch. Maybe you want to embrace the latest trend and consider a wooden watch, or have something more of a statement piece like a designer watch. Whatever you choose, peruse the internet for the styles you like. You might find that womens wooden watches are a trend you want to embrace, or you could decide to consider other styles like a bigger watch face, or a small delicate wrist strap.

L.L. Bean Signature Cotton Fisherman Sweater

Some winter outfit essentials

I recently shared with you some cold weather essentials on my blog, so why not use January shopping as an excuse to stock up on some of them. A bobble hat not only keeps you warm but disguises those potentially bad hair days. A beautiful scarf could enhance any winter outfit when matched with the right colors and accessories. Some other winter essentials could be adding to your wardrobe. We all know the staple winter outfit of the day is those well-fitted jeans, a good pair of boots and oversized knit. January could be the perfect time to treat yourself to some new items, especially as we have a few more months of colder weather to go.

Sugar Paper To Do List Pad

Some stationery to help you get organized

Finally, as it is the new year you may want to use the time to organize your life a little better. Perhaps meal plan so you can reduce your food bill, or be more productive through the day. Even if you just want to remember those appointments you happen to forget. So you might want to consider investing in some new stationery like a planner, or list book. Who doesn’t love some new pretty stationery? While you’re at it, treat yourself to some new pens and planner accessories. It makes being organized much more fun.

I hope this has inspired you to hit the shops in the new year. What’s on your list?


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2 Responses to Treat yourself in the new year

  1. Gentry Adams says:

    I love champagne- so that phone case is so perfect!! I used to be really type-A organized and have lost some of that this year, so I’m hoping to get myself a little more “together” in the new year! 🙂