Last Friday before 2018! Kendall and I opted for a romantic night with dinner at Hunting Creek and fireworks to bring in the new year. We’re going to play with my new camera this weekend and hopefully I’ll have lots of fresh content soon! Absolutely psyched we might get some snow this weekend too!

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Since I have barely posted this week, I thought it would be interesting instead to see my top nine most popular posts from the last year, partly because I want to see what got your attention and partly to just look back and reflect on this insane year. Oddly enough- no outfit posts made it! In ascending order (9 ~~> 1):

  • Engagement session with Darrell McDavid– We absolutely love our wedding photographer! He really captured us well and I can’t wait to see his work on the big day!
  • Cupshe swim– This kind of goes to show you that women just want affordable swimwear that makes them feel confident!
  • Gifts for her || stocking stuffers under $25– This was a weird one to make the list, especially since it came so late in the year! But it makes me happy because I love putting together this post annually!
  • Posypaper planner– This is still my favorite planner that I’ve used thus far. I’m trying a new one this year… wish me luck!
  • Introducing Dirty Hippy Swag– It warms my heart that this one made the list! So proud of my friend Marisa for designing her own line!
  • WCW: Sophie Pyle of Rosé Media– I have a feeling that this one has been viewed so many times because the subject has her own media company (and knows everyone in DC). Also her sister shared it. Sophie gets a lot of love 😉
  • Buyer beware– This one actually surprised me! I thought it was kind of a ranty mess but I guess others trying to scope out a weird scam situation have stumbled upon it and I guess that was kind of the point!
  • Left behind– I wrote this post after a classmate of mine passed. His funeral hit me really, really hard. I want to give a huge heartfelt thank you to every person who read or shared this. I just hope it can be of some help to other siblings who have lost siblings
  • I CHECKED YES– My engagement announcement seemed to mean the most to you all as well! It was truly a magical way to start off the year and I can’t wait until April when I finally get to be Mrs. Caroline Suzanne Downing Price.

I’d love to hear about your top moment from 2017!

I’ve got my eye on…

Not sure if it’s fair to say I’ve got my eye on them since I already bought them with some Christmas money from my gramma but I can’t wait for my Zeke Booties to come in! via DSW

I know it’s listed as nursery décor, but I would seriously love this deer print for our bedroom! Would it be weird to register for it? via DannyBStudios

Literally every bride I have asked has told me I don’t need a wedding purse. But I so love this Dyed cotton clutch… and everything else in this shop. via DDSLLGirlsStore

Paris Hilton, a personal fave of mine (jokingly, kind of) has come out with a rose water spray called Unicorn Mist and I must have it.


Don’t forget you can always peek at my wish list over in my sidebar. Here’s what I’m currently craving:

Around the internet

If you’re not big on Ultra Violet, no worries. Here are the biggest color trends we have coming at us for 2018. via Popsugar

I downloaded the Wish App but have yet to pull the trigger on actually buying anything. I’ve been researching reviews because the prices seem too good to be true a la those fast fashion websites based in China. I found a pretty decent review on YouTube where Julia Elise reviews a variety of items. Bottom line- you get what you pay for and pay attention to the dimensions.

Will we look back on 2017 trends with the same love/ hate with which we look back on the early 2000s? Only time will tell. But what do you think of these 10 Fashion Trends That Need to Die in 2017? (My personal opinion is wear what you want and you can pry my cold shoulder tops and dresses out of my cold, dead little paws.) via Cosmopolitan


  • Nordstrom: Half-Yearly Sale! Valid through  1/2/18
  • Moda Operandi: Enjoy 20% Off! Valid through 12/31
  • FWRD: YEAR END SALE – Enjoy an additional markdown 70% off
  • Tory Burch: Up to 60% Off At! until 12/31
  • Coach: Winter Sale: 50% off all sale styles
  • Joie: Take An Extra 25% Off Sales Styles At Joie With Code EXTRA25. Valid through  01/04
  • Tarte: Up to 70% off!
  • Nike: Take an Extra 25% Off Sale Styles With Code WINTER25. Valid through 1/3/2018
  • Saks: It’s Now or Never… Final Sale! Up to 70% Off Designer Selections For Women & Men! Valid through 1/13



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    It’s so fun to review the year this way, Caroline!!!
    Happy 2018!!

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