It was one of those weeks that dragged so badly that I thought it was Wednesday for half a day on Thursday. This weekend includes catching up with Kendall after a week of opposite schedules, shooting with Sarah on Sunday morning, a music meeting with my wedding church, and stuffing some wedding invites with my mom. Very grateful for some fam time on Superbowl Sunday as well. I honestly couldn’t care less about football, but I love eating with my family so there.

Love Potion Minimalist Soy Candle

Lately on The CaroLøve

I’ve got my eye on…

Have you ever heard of Brandless? All of their products are $3, good for you, and good for the planet! I plan on making the switch to Brandless products ASAP, the next time I need anything around the house. I’ll let you know how that goes!

Swoozies has an amazing selection of Kate Spade gifts for spring. All of it is adorable, obviously.

How freakin’ cute are these little love potion bottles? Perfect for a wedding or Valentine’s Day party favor!

Don’t forget you can always peek at my wish list over in my sidebar. Here’s what I’m currently craving:

Around the internet

Kendall and I decided we are going to get serious about being healthy and fit. I hopped to Trader Joe’s to get fruit, almond milk, and other fixins for smoothies. I found this guide to making the perfect smoothies but I want to know- what’s yours? via Yogurtiamo

How awesome does Dani look with this vintage styling?

Rox dropped some pretty great golden birthday wisdom that I can totally get down with!

I’m pretty sure that every party should have an herb wall for surprise cocktails like the Segura Viudas Open Up Cava Event at Heist that Sarah went to.


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